IP telephony technology has allowed entrepreneurs to switch to virtual numbers. It’s a cheaper type of communication for which the location of the user or the presence of special telephone equipment does not matter. However, it’s essential to decide whether it’s better to connect business VoIP or mobile numbers.

Is There Something Special About VoIP Numbers?

VoIP technology allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet. However, at the same time, virtual numbers look like standard analog numbers with the code of a mobile operator, city, or country. Calls abroad become much cheaper, and forwarding incoming calls to SIP will be free or at least cheaper than forwarding to a phone number. This is not only convenient for business owners, but also beneficial in terms of customer service.

For example, you can connect a US VoIP number to look for American clients while physically being in Ukraine. The American subscribers will call you at the rates of local US operators in such a case.

There are different types of VoIP numbers.

  • Multichannel.
  • Numbers for SMS.
  • For fax.
  • Toll-free numbers (800).

Entrepreneurs order toll-free numbers when the flow of calls is high so that customers can contact the support department for free.

It is not necessary to have a fax machine to receive documents from foreign companions and local clients, just use a VoIP fax number. A company owner will be able to receive a fax to email for free, even on a trip.

Mobile VoIP numbers for SMS allow you to use forwarding to email, URL (free service), and other cell numbers.

The SMS is sent from a personal account on the Freezvon website.

What is the Difference Between VoIP and Cell Phones?

Many companies use mobile numbers as contact numbers for customers. For all that, will it be more profitable to use VoIP numbers when doing business?

The difference between the numbers offered by cellular communication providers and VoIP numbers is the absence of a SIM card. VoIP number is not tied to a specific device. You do not have to buy several SIM cards from different mobile operators to provide customers with a convenient way to communicate.

You can use virtual numbers, which by their external characteristics do not differ from ordinary cellular numbers. However, VoIP telephony provides more opportunities than classic cellular services.

Calls on ordinary mobile numbers can only come to the mobile device in which the SIM card is used. When we talk about a VoIP number, you can set up forwarding to a landline number and answer calls using a wireless home phone.

Do VoIP Numbers Have Restrictions?

Some countries restrict VoIP telephony on the legislative level. In some cases, any virtual telephony services are forbidden, or Internet providers could block VoIP traffic, or there could be restrictions on routing calls from certain countries or with a certain Caller ID.

Which Number Type Offers Better Connectivity?

It is worth remembering that the call quality for VoIP telephony is directly related to the speed of the Internet. You will always be in touch as long as there is Wi-Fi, satellite, or mobile Internet. We recommend the voicemail service in case of disrupted communication, as it sends voice messages to email.

VoIP Numbers’ Advantages

There are some beneficial reasons for businesses to use VoIP numbers.

  • Several people can use one number.
  • Foreign mobile numbers are also available.
  • You can use SIP telephony for cheap outgoing calls.
  • Forwarding SMS and calls could be free (in case of calls, it depends on the type of the number).
  • You will not be charged for roaming while traveling abroad.
  • There’s no need to change your VoIP number in case of a mobile phone loss.
  • It is easy to expand the functionality of the number by ordering additional services.

It will be easier for you to scale your business with virtual numbers, especially when to think long-term. Use VoIP telephony to organize your call center when you need more people for customer service. There is a virtual PBX service that allows you to manage the call queue, forward, use conference calls, and much more.

Mobile VoIP numbers will become a suitable tool for doing business. You can control your phone costs better due to detailed statistics for each number. Moreover, the information can be used to think through a workflow process for more profit. Connect virtual numbers on Freezvon and 24/7 support will answer any questions.