The amount of e-commerce websites grows as a response to a demand to buy online and buy fast. And the main concern for entrepreneurs is to configure their website in a way that allows engaging customers in communication instantaneously. And the Click to Call widget helps with that by initiating calls directly from the website to the online store: you only need to click a button.

Why does a Business need to Have a Click to Call Widget?

Having this widget speeds up the process of conversion from browsing the goods to the purchase, and demonstrates that the company is ready to solve any issue of the customer right away. If a user gets distracted looking for a number to call, open other tabs, the risk of this user leaving grows. Offer a call from the landing page directly, and you will see that people buy much more enthusiastically if they talked to a store manager.

How the Click to Call Widget Helps to Improve Customer Interactions

Click to Call is one of the services provided by IP telephony, and this is why you can get it for free at Freezvon after you connect a virtual number. Calls will be forwarded to a VoIP number or a SIP account.

Benefits a business gets if it uses Click to Call widget:

  1. Increases conversion of the website. When your customer is still interested, offer an instant connection to a manager. You will be able to reduce the rate of refusals;
  2. It helps to build trust. Widget Click to Call reduces the time needed to connect with the call center and saves money for the buyer. It makes them view the company in a more positive light because the company cares about their convenience;
  3. It simplifies the contact with an agent from a smartphone. It's not convenient to open lots of tabs to look up the phone number on a mobile phone, then copy it to dial it next. But if you have a Click to Call widget, a user will call without dialing any keys. It makes reaching a decision to buy faster;
  4. It allows tracking traffic. If you have different groups of goods that are wildly different from each other and under the purview of different departments, it would be right to assign different virtual numbers for widgets. It will make the service process faster, and you will be able to track the goods or services that are in demand more;
  5. More opportunities for repeat business. Your customers will always know that they can call your company at any time, without any charges, from the website. They won't even need to save your number on the phone.

How to measure the performance of a Click to Call widget?

As call statistics are collected for every virtual number, you can directly track the length of calls and find out, what cities get you the most calls, at what time. This way, the customer profile will be more clear - and this information will be useful for subsequent marketing campaigns. Use this information to improve your sales strategy.

The efficiency of customer engagement and website conversion can increase by 5-30% on average, according to companies using the Click to Call widget. And as people move towards instant shopping via mobile phones more and more, business owners should optimize their website to quickly connect customers and support.

Tips on Working with Click to Call to Increase Sales

The "Call" button on the website helps to improve sales only if requests are processed in a timely manner. And the percentage of sales then depends on the productivity of managers and response time. Customers will simply hang up, they will not wait if you promise them a quick connection with an agent, and as a result, the call simply goes to voicemail. Make sure you have enough managers trained to respond quickly to customer needs, to take calls.

If the statistics show an increase in the number of missed calls, then configure the settings for forwarding and call queues. It is convenient to do this with a virtual PBX. A call recording service will also be available here in order to analyze the work of managers and understand how to improve customer service.

Keep in mind, when a company does not have a 24/7 service, it is recommended to display the company's business hours next to the "Call from site" widget. Otherwise, you are risking upsetting customers due to their after-hours calls being unanswered. The Callback widget perfectly complements Click to Call, and it allows users to leave their contact info so that the manager will call them as soon as they start their workday. Following these simple steps will help you increase your satisfied customers.

You can order the "Call Button on the Website" widget from Freezvon in a few steps - sign up, top up your account, order a virtual number, and then make a request to connect Click to Call.