Stable communication with the consumer is one of the key tasks for the successful operation of any business related to sales or services. Evidently, it is difficult to imagine the work of an online store, a bank or a travel company without customer support. If such a need exists for your organization, then it remains to solve only one issue, which confronts every successful entrepreneur, is it possible to organize an efficiently operating call center with minimal expenses? If yes, how? We will talk about this.

Creating call center on your own require big resources and force, so for that case there is easier solution provided by telecommunications services as PBX or toll free numbers for example, but let’s see if is that profitable to develop call center for business goals and customer servicing.

Call-center organization: why do you need it?

If we talk about the utility of creating a call-center, first of all it is worth mentioning that the solution lies in the sphere of service quality. In modern realities, each of us even had to call one company at least once. At the same time, not always we were satisfied about the servicing, because operator wasn’t competent, or we couldn’t reach any of phone number, so then we lose temper and dial to another company.

Among those who need call centers, you can identify IT companies, banks, representatives of offline and online trade, services, government agencies, insurance agencies, transport and manufacturing companies. And that is not surprising because work of these companies is connected to customer support service. To sum up, as you see it is necessary to set call center system for saving clientele and get their trust for long-time cooperation period.

Advantages of call centers creating

You need to understand what preferable sides you will receive when your call center will function. We want to show you what are the benefits for both the company and the clients:

For corporation it is important to have call center in order to:

  • Increase sales and get more customers
  • Come to international market;
  • No more missed calls;
  • Inform customers about new services or special offers;
  • Raise the level of trust and image of the company

For customer it is also necessary to understand the goods of the call center. For him it is possible to:

  • Dial to any free operator;
  • Receive consultation and services of high quality;
  • Make free calls;
  • Get regularly new information about companies' features;
  • Make calls at cheap local rates

When you clearly understand why do you need this well-formed phone system, you will solve all the problems you have in this part of your company.

How call center works and how to open it?

Functions of the call center system depends on the sphere and corporation where it is used. Anyway, most common requirements are as:

  • Writing a business-plan for well-organized call center work;
  • Organizing of incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Ringing round and messaging the customers for marketing aims;
  • Multilanguage speaking specialists;
  • Phone numbers with many channels, often free for callers.

These are only several positions that influences on the efficiency and profitability of your business. If you want to form a call center in order to increase sales and change your positions on market, you need to follow the next points:

  • Toll free 800 number for hotline;
  • Mobile and landline phone numbers connection;
  • Call history for seeing all info about your calls;
  • Voicemail for getting voice messages from the callers who did not reach you;
  • Recording of calls when you may listen to what was said during the conversation between operator and client;
  • IVR menu for informing and leading the caller;
  • Creating SIP-accounts for every operator;
  • Special software permitting to make and receive calls, set call forwarding, save statistics as virtual PBX;
  • Virtual phone numbers for receiving outbound calls at low rates;
  • Experienced personnel for support and sales departments;
  • Well-equipped office with necessary devices.

How to obtain a customer?

Every entrepreneur is interested in having a large amount of clients, but no every one understands how to save the customer and make him totally satisfied. We recommend you the suggestions how to get a customer first. You need to:

  • Set call and SMS system of informing;
  • Create favorable atmosphere for communication;
  • Free calls available for the customers;
  • Be friendly, brief and clear;
  • Provide with full information about your services;
  • Be always available for you customer;
  • Set the ads in the Internet, TV, newspapers;
  • Create good content for your website about the products you provide with.

Just follow these tips and you will be able to estimate your forces in getting more people to use your service for a long time.

Why do you need virtual PBX from Freezvon?

Good alternative for your future call center is known PBX system that does not require hard equipment and can be managed online via convenient interface. Traditionally it consists of such useful phone services as own IP address, welcome message, conditional voice forwarding, voicemail, call recording, internal numbers, free DID, SIP accounts of unlimited amount, call history and others. More info about this IP telephony system you may see here below.

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If you have decided to create a call center, just pick necessary methods and services. For learning more about connection, prices for virtual numbers and virtual PBX you may see on our website.

Contact us if you have some questions, we will consult you what phone service will be the most suitable to your call center. Our managers team is available 24 hours without breaks via Skype, online help chat, email and on phone presented on our site. Stay modern in communications with Freezvon.