Only 18% of sales managers are completely satisfied with their job, and 47% of them would call it "good". It is the conclusion that Sales Insights Lab reached. Is it possible to improve the working environment, so the sales agents will receive more satisfaction from their tasks, and the company will feel their enthusiastic attitude towards the growth of profits? Yes, if you put effort into optimization. Let's bring your attention to the issue of whether you're using all of your IP telephony features for process automation and lead growth.

Why It’s Important to Check the Workflow Efficiency?

According to sales managers, the sales process is what brings them the most satisfaction. But operational tasks take up most of their time. It's unsurprising that not a lot of managers are satisfied with their job and get a promotion. Because their more successful colleagues, top salespeople, actually spend more than 4 hours a day on sales tasks. Are younger specialists not interested in the results? Of course not, but 77% of managers have to look for customers on the Internet and spend time on filing CRM, instead of actually selling services or products of the company.

What can a manager do to ensure salespeople are getting more leads? Come to think of it, virtual numbers can be used not only for customer communication but for marketing as well.

How Does VoIP Telephony Help You Sell More?

Virtual telephony is an efficient tool for customer communication and lead generation. With virtual numbers, you lower your telephone costs, but also they could be used to determine what promotion channels work the best.

A company can have several virtual numbers without tying them to SIM cards. And it can use them for marketing events, social media promotion, context, and banner ads. Call history of virtual numbers record all information on calls:

  • Where calls are coming from;
  • How many calls per day,
  • The length of conversation between a manager and a lead;
  • A number of missed calls.

This information can be found in your Freezvon account. It will help you better understand where the leads are coming from to minimize costs, reducing efforts spent on ineffective types of promotion.

How the Callback Widget Drives Leads

You can get a free Callback widget to go with your virtual number, simply by requesting it from Freezvon support. A widget is installed directly on a product page, it is activated when a user is checking what's on offer, and they don't need to leave the page to find contact information. This button offers them to get a callback within 30 seconds, which acts as a lure. You offer a benefit of a customer not spending money on a call to find out all the information they need from a manager. Companies note the growth of leads by 30-70%. But this method will work if managers are quick to process these requests. By ordering a callback, the person has already made a step forward, and they're psychologically are more ready to purchase.

Virtual PBX for Customer Retention

More than half of the sales managers who participated in a survey noted that it has become more difficult to establish contact with new customers. At the same time, telephone sales remain one of the main sources of income. The question arises, does the sales department process missed calls? In fact, the company loses half of the lead traffic if it does not call back potential customers. With analog telephony, calling every missed call can be expensive, but with virtual numbers, outgoing calls can be made at minimal rates.

Get on the processing of missed calls as soon as possible. Use features of a virtual PBX for this purpose. It is not only helping managers to manage call queues, forwarding but also can be connected to a CRM (for example, Bitrix24), to record every incoming and outgoing call and create reminders for managers to call back the number. These notifications help managers to better navigate workflow and communicate with warm leads more often.

Interactive Voice Response to Automate Answers to Frequent Questions

Answering the basic questions of customers is a routine but time-consuming task. When your website isn't updated often enough, the sales department gets more "empty" calls from people that aren't yet sure if the company is suitable for them. Include answers to typical questions about promo events, discounts, business hours to your FAQ list, as well as use IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Your customer will be able to choose between the topics of interest, by using tone dialing, and they will get an informative voice message. Or they will be able to connect with an expert. Sales managers will be able to give more attention to warm leads instead of wasting time on answering "cold" calls.

Keep Up the Corporate Spirit With Training Courses

Call recordings are another useful service provided by IP telephony. By analyzing conversations of the best managers during a training course, young employees will strengthen their professional skills. You are raising the authority of experienced salespeople in the eyes of the newbies, and building up your managers' confidence, so they would be able to understand - they will be able to develop their career, thanks to practice and a better understanding of sales psychology. This will enable you to form a strong corporate culture because sales managers will give this factor a priority, as they don't focus solely on profits. It's important to support the spirit of comradery because bonuses of all teammates depend on the overall result and company profits.

Workload Optimization to Increase the Number of Closed Deals

An optimal workload for a salesperson is 60 calls per day. Using the call history of a virtual number, you're able to check if your employees are overworked, which would negatively influence sales results. A tired manager will be a worse seller. The length of a call is significant as well. An overlong conversation could be a sign that a manager lacks training, or, the opposite, is able to capture the attention of a customer. You should compare the length of a call with its results.

If you plan to improve your sales, contact Freezvon to connect virtual numbers and set up additional IP telephony services that will help your managers to work more efficiently. You can get a consultation at any time, 24/7.