Buyers come due to advertising but remain with the company as loyal customers because they like the offered product and the quality of service. Managers need to be sure that call center operators are friendly when talking on the phone. They have to follow the rules of communication and try to help customers solve their difficulties in order to increase the number of satisfied clients. The Conversation Recording service will help to control the fulfillment of these tasks.

Conversation Recording service features

The use of call recording is part of a good service strategy. A number with a call recording option will guarantee that the company can protect its interests in case of disputes.

There was once a time when only big companies could record customer communications for later analysis and they had to use special applications for it. Such a service can be obtained by a business of any scale under current conditions (without any additional program installation) due to ordering a call recording service for a virtual number.

There are several types of numbers available on the Freezvon website.

  • Mobile.
  • Landline.
  • Multichannel.
  • 800 numbers (toll-free).

The service can record incoming and outgoing calls together or only those that belong to the one category. Recording time is unlimited but it is worth remembering that the amount of mail memory has some restrictions so you need to make sure that there is enough space to create an archive of audio files.

Freezvon has prepared a bonus for corporate clients. It’s about a subscription to the virtual PBX service that includes the option of call records and voice mail storage. Freezvon provides 20 GB of storage to the cloud server on the Basic tariff and 50 GB on the Business tariff.

Tasks the call recording service help to solve

Any user can connect call recording but the service is popular among business owners. Let’s analyze the opportunities call recording provides and why this feature is important for good service maintenance.

Compliance with service standards

You need a multi-channel virtual phone to answer all customer requests and to organize a call center today. A cloud-based PBX will be useful to manage calls. Many companies are choosing a mixed type of employment due to IP telephony. They prefer not only to cooperate with full-time operators in the office but also to hire additional staff for remote employment. The work of such a team is easier to control because employees know that communication with customers is being recorded. The manager can listen to the recording at any time and find out whether the manager violated corporate standards or not.

Order information confirmation

Keeping records of conversations allows you to avoid inaccuracies in the order. The manager does not always have time to record all the wishes of the client in CRM. However, he/she will be able to return later to the audio recording and supplement the missing information.

Clarification of the portrait of the target audience

It is useful to record a telephone conversation with each client because the marketing department can use this data to create a portrait of a perfect client and get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the product, and service based on the opinions of customers. This information will improve sales strategies and promotion methods.

Resolution of disputes

The recording of conversations will help to reveal the facts and protect the interests of the company in a case when some misunderstanding between the parties to the agreement appears. The solution also may be useful to clarify the points the manager was wrong at.

How to enable call recording for a virtual number?

You should rent a virtual number to get access to call records. How? Easy! Create an account on the site, replenish the balance, and select the number/type of forwarding. There are some available options for

  • Landline or mobile number.
  • IP phone.
  • SIP account (forwarding to SIP is free for most countries but first you need to install the SIP program on your smartphone or computer).

The call recording service can be activated for a virtual number through a personal account. Indicate the email to which the archive with audio files will be saved, as well as recording parameters. The cost of the service is $10 per month. Freezvon technical support specialists are always ready to answer any questions.