VoIP telephony allows using low-cost intercity and international long-distance communication. When entrepreneurs plan to connect virtual phone number services, they need to choose whether a non-fixed or fixed VoIP number is more suitable for their business requirements. Let's explore the difference between those types of numbers and determine when to use fixed VoIP.

VoIP Telephony: What it is and its Types

If in times before, companies did not have any choice and were forced to invest several thousand in installing a telephone cable, connecting fixed telephones and automatic telephone exchanges. Now, it is more profitable to use virtual VoIP telephony in current conditions. With this type of telephone communication, calls are transmitted over the Internet, so there is no need to spend money on installing telecommunications equipment.

What's great about VoIP:

  • Simple connection. Everything is done online;
  • Low cost of calls. Voice data is transmitted over IP in a compressed form - it is less expensive and faster;
  • Cheap rates for international calls;
  • Rapid deployment of corporate telephony using IP PBX.

To make and receive calls via VoIP telephony, you need to connect a virtual number. You can order a number from any country, and outwardly it does not differ from landlines, national, and mobile analog numbers. If a subscriber calls such a number, he pays for the call at local rates, even when the call is international. Let us analyze where the division of virtual number services into fixed or non-fixed VoIP came from.

What is a Fixed VoIP Number

Usually, fixed-network phone numbers are registered at the address where the company's office is located. But we have already found out that VoIP telephony is more profitable to use. What does a fixed VoIP number mean? Its characteristic is that the provider assigns a physical address for the virtual number as for an analog number.

Fixed VoIP numbers, as well as non-fixed, work through the Internet. But the main point of the service is, users outside the required country cannot get the number.

For example, when an entrepreneur wants to work with the USA market, they need to use a virtual office without actually going to America, and they do that by using a non-fixed VoIP number. And it won't matter if they're currently in Ukraine or visiting the States. Their number won't change when they travel. They will be reachable from anywhere.

You could set up a connection of fixed numbers to a PSTN through a SIP trunk. Meaning, a fixed number will be similar to stationary phone lines. However, the use of VoIP technology will allow better quality and security of communication than using just analog telephony services.

When a Fixed VoIP Number Will be Useful for Business?

Entrepreneurs who often travel and work without being tied to an office probably will choose non-fixed numbers.

Situations when fixed VoIP will be a more rational choice:

  • Security of corporate communication is a priority. Using call encryption is easier for fixed VoIP numbers - this type of service is better suited for the banking sector, companies working on cybersecurity, and if you need a number with a high level of trust;
  • Needed access to emergency services (if dialing short numbers are allowed by your provider). A phone number fixed to a location is easier to track. If emergency services receive a distress call, they will know your exact address immediately;
  • There is heavy legislation regarding spam and undesirable calls in some countries. Non-fixed numbers have unreliable Caller ID which makes it harder to check if the number is on the list of blocked phone numbers.

A fixed VoIP number has a lot more features, even it looks like a PSTN-connected number. Sometimes you can use this virtual number for SMS. And the rates for outgoing messages will be lower than mobile operators provide, even if you have to send SMS to a number from another country. To send an outgoing message from a VoIP number for SMS, log into your account at Freezvon, go to "Services - Send SMS", input your message and phone number of the recipient.

How to Get a Fixed VoIP Number?

Freezvon services are used by businessmen and companies that value:

  • Fast service - you can contact us anytime, our support works 24/7;
  • A great variety of choice of destinations with cost-effective rates - virtual numbers of more than 120 countries are available;
  • Easy setup of IP PBX - it takes no more than 3 days to configure a virtual PBX;
  • Optionable additional VoIP services for a number (voicemail, Callback widget, Interactive Voice Response, call recording, and others).

We connect fixed VoIP numbers as well as non-fixed ones, depending on the needs of your business. After you sign up for our website, you can request a callback so Freezvon experts would create a personalized plan of setting up your telephony that will fulfill your company's need in the most suitable way.