Speaking about the telephony systems, there are so many services to choose for your calls affairs to improve. We present you a great possibility called Free PBX, open source graphical user interface that is able to manage telecommunication service as PBX or Asterisk in more easy and convenient way.

You are able to set it up personally. It should be mentioned that is the element of free PBX Distro and has different versions as well.

Asterisk releases was accommodated to new FreePBX updates, which consist of call queues, fax, multiple languages, voicemail etc. This also include new menus and support for all these new appeared updates. In this article, we are going to talk about the working principles of FreePBX as helpful interface. It supports many hardware makers as Cisco Systems, Aastra Technologies, Digium, Panasonic etc. It is actively used in more than 200 countries.

Why do you need FreePBX system?

As you see, this is one of variant in managing of your PBX or Asterisk system. It is a leader of virtual PBX installation. FreePBX helps to lift the telephone server in organizing to anybody and in default configuration gives the possibilities, which suits to any big or small company. Some other case it is when you do not have enough functions and you need to add some unique feature.

In general, this system can be installed in several clicks as usual. The interface is comfortable and include the tabs plus the button for quick user adding. Moreover, you are able to install your PBX via tablet or smartphone (menu and width will be fitted to your screen automatically).

How to configure FreePBX interface?

We would like to present you the information about configuration FreePBX to your virtual PBX or Asterisk systems. Installation and first setting. FreePBX Distro is the simplest automatized method of installing Asterisk with this server.

  1. Download FreePBX Distro ISO (your computer should be connected to Internet);
  2. Choose Asterisk version you need to install (the fastest way of installation is Full Install);
  3. After this it would be permitted to configure network interface (DHCP);
  4. Then you need to set the password.

Installation of FreePBX for receiving calls via virtual number

Here you may read the details about the installing FreePBX to virtual PBX station, we recommend you to use the following algorithm of actions:

  • SRV Lookup should be turned on in your FreePBX. The tab Settings – Asterisk SIP Settings tab Chan SIP Settings;
  • In a section Connectivity – Trunks we add SIP trunk (set the name of it and go to tab SIP settings);
  • In section Connectivity – Inbound Routes create the direction for incoming calls. In Set Destination you can choose the way to what you will forward the incoming call, it can be the internal number FreePBX, call group, IVR etc.;
  • Enter section Connectivity – Outbound Routes and create the way for outgoing calls ( In the Dial Patterns in a field “match pattern” install the point and create the way. If you do not put the point, you cannot make outgoing calls.

Concerning the virtual PBX station from Freezvon you are able to check on your own experience. There are different standard features it includes as call recording, history of calls, background music, internal phone numbers, SIP-accounts, CDR, contact book and other additional useful phone services.

How to get virtual phone number for virtual PBX

We show you now the steps for fast ordering of VoIP phone number via Freezvon system. You just need to:

  • Sign up to official website;
  • Top up the balance with sum it requires;
  • Choose the country, type of virtual number, city or operator code;
  • Set the forwarding then to your PBX;
  • Choose subscription period for the number: 1, 3, 6, or 12 months (2-18% discount based on the period of subscription and the price of the number);
  • Confirm the data and order.

Buy virtual phone number for FreePBX

If you have some questions according to purchase, installation or phone functions connection just contact our technical managers here who are available 24 hours every day without breaks. They are in Skype, live help chat, email or by telephone numbers presented below on the site or in a section “Support”.