Thanks to modern technology, we have the opportunity to communicate with people anywhere in the world. SIP telephony is a new generation telephony with which you can make cheap calls abroad and receive free calls via SIP. In order to use the services of SIP-telephony, you must download and install a free SIP-application. You can download any application that supports your operating system. The following applications are suitable for Mac OS:

List of SIP Applications for Mac OS

You can choose any of these applications, which we will consider in more detail below.


A universal application that is suitable for both personal and commercial purposes. You can use it for video and audio calls and text messaging, view call history, record conversations, audio conferences, transfer calls. Linphone allows you not to buy additional equipment for using SIP services. All you need is to download it to a device that has access to the Internet.


This is one of the most popular SIP applications. Thanks to the convenient interface, you can easily understand the functioning of the softphone. The application is in English, which can be enabled in the settings. Developers are constantly improving the application to ensure communication without failures. It also has all the functions of video, audio calls, video conferencing, during a call you can hold, record, transfer calls.


A nice interface, reminiscent of the phone, will quickly understand the softphone. With it, you can integrate the phone book from another application, you make cheap calls abroad, you can redirect calls for free, use all SIP-telephony services. The softphone is free, so you can download and install it by finding it in search engines.

For profitable and convenient communication, it is best to use SIP applications that do not require any equipment and you can download them for free! These applications are suitable for both Mac OS and smartphones and other operating systems.