Virtual numbers for SMS bring you the possibility to receive text messages from any part of the world. Simple users and business owners can appreciate the convenience of such a service. A virtual number renting is performed in the remote mode without the need to get a SIM card. Visit the Freezvon website because here you can pick up virtual numbers to send SMS to Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Canada, and many other countries. We will analyze these service features for you to make the right choice and focus on the purpose of the used number.

How do virtual numbers for SMS receiving work?

The difference between a simple mobile number and a virtual one is that the second one isn’t accompanied by a physical SIM card and needs access to the Internet. VoIP number has the usual country and mobile operator code. For example, mobile numbers of MTS, Beeline, Tele2, and Megafon are available for Russia; Life, Vodafone, and Kyivstar are available for Ukraine.

Getting a VoIP number is not as quick as picking up a SIM card but everything can be done online. It’s important to note that forwarding is a beneficial feature of IP telephony, so you can receive SMS on different devices and via various additional options.

  • Email address.
  • URL.
  • Mobile phone number.

Messages will come to email or URL for free (this peculiarity requires a configuration process). You can use a personal account for SMS sending. Moreover, here you will also find the Statistics page.

When is a virtual number for SMS useful?

One of the reasons for the popularity of IP telephony services is that a personal virtual number for SMS does not require an additional slot in the device (many smartphones are designed for only one SIM card). The virtual number will help to reduce costs while resolving issues with foreign clients. You will not depend on your location with a VoIP number and keep the ability to receive SMS even when you go on a trip abroad.

Reasons to use a VoIP number:

  • A possibility to separate personal and business contacts.
  • Get an account activation code in instant messengers and social networks.
  • Connect an additional number in Telegram for the security of your group or channel.
  • To register a new Facebook account for the advertising account.
  • Inform customers about the status of their order.

Those people who are interested in how to get a virtual phone number for SMS will find out that there are mixed types of numbers that support the function of simultaneously receiving SMS and calls. Thus, you can use the number to communicate with loved ones or colleagues. If you set up redirection of incoming calls to a SIP account, it will be free for virtual numbers in many countries.

It is more convenient to use a virtual number for business purposes because it is enough for a company to have one number that several managers can use to send out newsletters.

Only Ukrainian and Russian virtual numbers are suitable to receive an SMS notification with an access code from a bank, online store, or social network.

How to create a virtual phone number for SMS?

Mobile virtual numbers for SMS can be rented for a month and for a long period. You will be offered a discount when ordering a subscription for 3 months or more.

Register on the Freezvon website to order a virtual number, select the country for which you want to create a number, and SMS forwarding type. Ukrainian and Russian mobile numbers will be ready for use within 48 hours after the application is submitted. Get more information on the cost of the service due to Freezvon consultants. Support service employees answer questions about the connection twenty-four hours a day.