Virtual numbers are a sought-after business service that allows you to organize corporate telephony at a lower cost and make cheap calls abroad. Individuals order the VoIP number service to stay in touch while traveling and to be accessible from anywhere in the world. This article will provide you with information on how to get a virtual phone number and keep your private number confidential.

Features of the virtual number service

The virtual number service works due to IP telephony, which is responsible for the transmission of voice, text messages, and graphic data over the Internet. If you are interested in mobile virtual numbers, then you do not need to buy a SIM card for it. You can also get a virtual phone number on the Freezvon website for calls with a national or city code.

Virtual numbers completely look like regular landline and cell numbers. This is an advantageous feature for business since it creates the effect of presence in the desired region. An entrepreneur can conduct business remotely without the cost of opening a branch. It’s also useful to indicate a virtual number on foreign sites that require a local phone to register.

Benefits of virtual numbers connection

Freezvon has virtual numbers for over 120 countries that can be used to receive calls or text messages.

Reasons why companies are switching to VoIP telephony:

  • Possibility to reduce telephone bills.
  • A toll free hotline for customers.
  • Increasing the likelihood of a successful search for business partners and suppliers in different countries.
  • Creation of a unified corporate telephone network for all branches.
  • IP telephony helps to organize a call center without purchasing equipment or installing telephone lines.
  • It doesn’t depend on the location and helps keep the number when moving.

A digital virtual number can be multichannel, so that call center operators can answer calls from several customers and offer help to everyone.

How to start using VoIP telephony?

You can create a virtual phone number on the Freezvon website in a few minutes. It is necessary to register, replenish the balance of your account, and then go to the "Services - Buy a number" section, or click the "Buy A Number" button. Next, you have to select the country and number type.

Freezvon provides different types of VoIP numbers for calls.

  • Simple city numbers of Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Canada, and other destinations.
  • Mobile.
  • Toll-free number (800).
  • Multichannel.

It’s easy to make calls and receive SMS/fax messages that are sent to email for free via virtual numbers.

The user must determine the platform where calls will be received after selecting the desired number type. Here are the possible calls forwarding options.

  • Mobile or landline phone.
  • IP phone.
  • SIP client.

The use of SIP telephony is the most advantageous offer, since there is free call forwarding for many numbers. Moreover, you can make outgoing calls at inexpensive rates. Install a special application (for example, Zoiper) on your smartphone, laptop, or work PC to do this. Make a request when activating services and get a free SIP account that will make it easy for you to use inexpensive calling rates.

Please note that some countries allow the use of virtual numbers with local codes only in the case of passport or ID-card details demonstration. Find out which states have established such norms by going to the page.

You will need a virtual number for SMS if you are interested in the ability to receive text messages from foreign subscribers or, conversely, if you want to send SMS to customers. It’s possible to set up forwarding of incoming messages to a mobile number (paid service) and email or website URL (free).

The main purpose of virtual numbers for SMS is to receive and send messages to real users. Freezvon cannot guarantee that you will receive confirmation SMS from foreign resources (websites, apps, banking systems, etc.). Only the mobile numbers of Ukraine and Russia are suitable for this.

Additional VoIP services

Since both individuals and legal entities can get a virtual phone number, Freezvon offers various additional services for each user group.

Our company recommends you connect additional services for VoIP numbers to make negotiations more convenient.

  • Black and white lists. Select separately a group of unwanted numbers or contacts of VIP clients.
  • Voicemail. The system will save audio messages when the owner of the number is busy.
  • Welcome message. It records a greeting for customers with information about opening hours and company promotions.
  • Recording conversations. The feature allows you to clarify the details of the conversation or it can be used to control the work of the call center.
  • IVR menu. The option allows subscribers to contact the desired department or listen to information by selecting an action in tone mode.

It is beneficial to order the virtual PBX service for corporate users. The employees will have access to free calls on the internal line. It will be possible to set up additional telephony services and create extension numbers. Virtual PBX works via the cloud, so even remote call center operators will be able to use all the features for work. Company owners will save money because the Freezvon provider is responsible for servicing the virtual PBX.

The benefits of acquiring a virtual number are obvious. You will be able to be in touch at any time and forget about roaming costs when traveling abroad. It’s much easier to build and develop a business using IP telephony because you can offer customers the most convenient ways to communicate with the company. Please contact Freezvon 24/7 support specialists if you need some advice on choosing a virtual number or VoIP services.