Virtual numbers are a reliable way to set up international communication and enjoy low-cost calls within your own country. The advantages of this method of communication include a quick online connection, high-quality sound during calls, the absence of the need to buy sophisticated equipment, and the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere the Internet reaches.

What is the difference between paid and free numbers?

The user will be charged several types of payments during the connection of paid virtual numbers.

  • One-time fee for number connection.
  • Monthly subscription.

We recommend choosing call forwarding to SIP to reduce the cost of calls. Don’t forget that it’s either free of charge, or charged less than if you forward calls to a phone number.

The free virtual number is only available in certain countries: Canada and the UK. More information on how to set it up here. No connection and subscription fee is charged for free VoIP numbers. However, the user’s deposit must be more than $30. These funds can be used for the following tasks.

  • Connection of paid numbers.
  • Outgoing or incoming calls.
  • Adding channels or lines to your number.
  • Connection of additional services (for example, voicemail, conference call, IVR menu, black and white lists).

To keep using a free number without monthly fees, a user has to deposit from $30 monthly. The money won’t be used for the monthly fee and can be continued to use at any other Freezvon service. Otherwise, if the monthly payment isn’t made, or if the amount is less than $30, the free number becomes a regular one (paid).

Freezvon offers various types of virtual numbers that are suitable for setting up call centers and a virtual office in another country. It helps to be in touch with the team while working remotely and on trips. Contact our 24/7 support so that our specialists can select those VoIP telephony services that are most beneficial for your business.