What is a non fixed VoIP? It uses internet connections to enable voice communication but it is not associated with a physical address or a particular location. Traditional landline telephones have a fixed arrangement with a registered address, whereas non-fixed VoIP services do not. Such services can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a Net, making them convenient for people who are always on the move, such as remote workers or frequent travelers.

Non-fixed VoIP peculiarities

Non fixed VoIP meaning is relatively clear so it’s time to get acquainted with some peculiarities that distinguish them from fixed VoIP and traditional landline telephony.

  • Lack of physical address. Such services do not have a real address associated with them, which means that they cannot be traced to a particular location.
  • Caller ID spoofing. Non-fixed VoIP numbers allow users to manipulate the caller ID that appears on the recipient’s phone. This means that scammers and criminals can use non-fixed VoIP services to impersonate legitimate organizations or individuals, making it easier to conduct fraudulent activities or trick people into revealing sensitive information.

Non fixed VoIP services are dependent on internet connections, which can affect the quality of the call. Factors such as bandwidth, latency, and packet loss can also have an impact. It can be difficult to troubleshoot these issues since they are often related to the internet connection rather than the VoIP service itself.

Why is this option worth paying attention to?

Lots of businesses should pay attention to non fixed VoIP phone numbers because they can offer distinguished advantages.

  • Flexibility. The solution offers businesses the flexibility to add or remove phone lines as needed. There’s also agility in terms of call forwarding and routing, thus, it becomes easy for businesses to manage their communications more efficiently.
  • Portability. A non fixed VoIP number can be easily ported between different VoIP providers. It helps to avoid disruptions in companies’ communications and maintain continuity in their operations.
  • Scalability. Mentioned numbers can be easily scaled up or down as a business grows or changes. It’s useful for the need to add/remove phone lines quickly, such as during seasonal spikes in call volume or when expanding to new markets.
  • Disaster recovery. Non fixed VoIP phone numbers are popular when there’s a need to maintain communications during emergencies or disasters. Services can provide redundancy and failover capabilities, which can ensure that calls are routed to backup locations or devices if primary systems fail.
  • Global coverage. Numbers can provide businesses with global coverage and the ability to communicate with customers and partners around the world. What is non fixed VoIP phone number? It’s an international option with local area codes, which can help businesses establish a local presence in different markets and improve their accessibility to customers in those regions.

By the way, non-fixed VoIP phone numbers can be used by a wide range of businesses across various industries. They can be a great solution for startups that are just getting off the ground. Since non-fixed VoIP services are typically more cost-effective and scalable than traditional phone systems, startups can save money and easily add or remove phone lines as their business grows.

Freelancers and solopreneurs who work from home or from multiple locations also use it. Services allow them to maintain a professional image and provide a consistent phone number for their clients to reach them. Healthcare providers need to communicate with patients and colleagues remotely, so non-fixed VoIP services are especially in demand. They provide secure and HIPAA-compliant communication channels.

Non-profit organizations perceive non-fixed VoIP phone numbers as cost-effective solutions for communicating with donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders. It offers features such as call routing and voicemail transcription, which can help nonprofits manage their communications more efficiently. Non-fixed VoIP phone numbers can be useful for educational institutions that need to provide remote learning or support services. They present video and voice conferencing capabilities, which can be particularly useful for distance learning and collaboration between students and educators.


Advanced features

We are talking about call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, call recording, and conference calling. These features can enhance productivity and collaboration, and they are often included in the basic service package without extra cost.

Branding and customization

Non-fixed VoIP services allow businesses to customize their caller ID information, voicemail greetings, and hold music, which can help them reinforce their branding and create a more professional image.

Integration with other applications

Services can be integrated with other applications such as CRM systems, email clients, and instant messaging services. This provides businesses with a unified communication platform that enhances efficiency and productivity.

Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting tools allow them to track call volume, call duration, and other metrics. This data helps businesses improve their customer service, optimize their staffing, and identify areas for improvement in their operations.


In conclusion, non-fixed VoIP phone numbers provide businesses with a versatile and dynamic communication solution that can adapt to their changing needs. Businesses can scale up or down as needed with the flexibility to add or remove phone lines quickly. Such solutions also offer advanced features such as call routing, voicemail transcription, and video conferencing, which can enhance a business’s ability to communicate with customers and partners effectively.

The cost-effectiveness and portability of non-fixed VoIP services make them a perfect choice for small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs looking to establish a professional image while keeping overhead costs low. Overall, non-fixed VoIP phone numbers provide businesses with a powerful tool to improve their communications, enhance their customer service and compete more effectively in today’s global marketplace.