Changes that came to business during the fight with the COVID-19 epidemic touched the recruiting sector as well. Recruitment agencies now prefer HR specialists to work remotely. The recruitment process migrated online, which expanded the geography of the search for suitable candidates for the clients. Virtual numbers and VoIP services ensure the flexibility of HR agencies by creating conditions for productive work for HR managers and reducing telephone costs.

Benefits of VoIP for Recruitment Agencies

HR specialists get more mobility with the remote form of work, but it does complicate the operations of a recruitment agency. This is because it needs not only to ensure a fast result of headhunting for their customers but also be adept at retaining and motivating recruitment specialists, saving skillful specialists on staff. Cloud services of VoIP telephony are suitable to manage both managers working at the office and managers working from home.

Using a single virtual number for all employees will guarantee all calls to be registered and won't be overlooked by the agency. And allowing access to a cloud PBX will ensure no outages.

What Opportunities Does VoIP Give to Recruiters?

VoIP telephony offers a set of tools suitable for managing remote teams that simplifies the headhunting process for clients and creates a reputable image of the recruiting agency.

Benefits of IP telephony for recruiting sector:

  • Cheap outgoing calls for potential recruits from different countries;
  • A unified for managing HR manager teams;
  • There are no individual spending for telephone negotiations for recruiters;
  • A convenient way to manage calls;
  • Building trust in the recruitment agency thanks to a brand greeting;
  • Protection of agency's voice traffic;
  • Optimization of training for recruiters.

Cheap Outgoing Calls for Potential Recruits From Different Countries

With virtual numbers, the geography of the work of a recruiting agency is not getting limited by its region. You can order a number from a foreign country to minimize the cost of outgoing calls when interviewing candidates around the world. Incoming calls can be free or charged at low rates thanks to forwarding to a SIP account. Recruiters will be able to talk to candidates while meeting the hiring quota, and the agency will be able to keep costs under control.

A Unified Center for Managing HR Manager Teams

Regardless of whether recruiters work in the office or remotely, they will have the same level of access to all telephony functions. A virtual PBX provides communication for all managers and will allow making cheap calls, using forwarding, and managing call queues. The agency will be able to track the productivity of all recruiters through statistics, as well as assess their competency by listening to recordings of conversations.

There Are No Individual Spending for Telephone Negotiations for Recruiters

If a recruiting agency provides access to a virtual PBX for its recruiters, this simplifies the work - managers do not need to worry about their balance, whether they need to replenish their mobile phone account to continue working. The team leader, through statistics, sees all the real costs of calls by the minute and in total, and it's paid by the company, so there will be less work for the accountant or financial department in regard to the compensation of a manager's expenses.

A Convenient Way to Manage Calls

To make receiving calls and entering the candidates' information into a database more convenient, the virtual PBX connects to a CRM (like Bitrix24). And it's enough for a recruiter to install a softphone for SIP calls on a PC or laptop. Then the hands are free from holding the phone, and the HR manager will enter all the information as the conversation goes.

Build Trust in the Recruiting Agency With a Greeting

When people look for a job, they expect many calls from different companies but do not always have time to answer the call. When the applicants call you back, they are interested in which company responded to the resume. Using such a VoIP service as a voice greeting will make it easier for the candidates. From the greeting, they will learn the name of the company, be able to quickly navigate what topics they have to talk about. In addition, the greeting message will do wonders for establishing a positive image of the agency.

Protection of Agency’s Voice Traffic

Using a virtual number with call forwarding allows the agency to use the same telephone number for communication on job sites, for advertising, which looks more presentable. But in addition to convenience, virtual numbers allow you to better protect the traffic of a recruiting agency since there are more protection methods for VoIP technologies than for analog numbers.

Optimization of Training for Recruiters

Using Freezvon VoIP telephony, a range of services that make the process of training and onboarding of the new HR managers more efficient will become available. With a virtual PBX, recruiters can set up conference calls. This service allows making phone calls between several participants at the same time, which is suitable for training and for holding meetings. Call recordings are stored on the cloud server of the IP provider, including the calls between HR managers and candidates, so the team leader can quickly share access with new agents so they can learn the specifics of negotiations by the example of senior colleagues.

A competitive and rapidly developing sector like HR needs to use digital VoIP telephony technologies to solve business problems. This will make it easy to adapt to changes in the labor market and manage remote managers with efficiency. Freezvon experts will help with the implementation of IP telephony for a recruiting agency. You can get in touch with us 24/7 to get a fast VoIP service setup.