There is a function Caller ID, which is connected right after SIP-account activation, permitting to identify your number combination on subscribers' devices screens. When you purchase a virtual number, it is accessible to use it only for receiving inbound calls.

In order to make calls you need to get from us a SIP-account with all its functions. Ordering of this service is accessible via personal account on our website. When you finally use it, during outgoing calls, digits are not identified and nobody of your subscribers can see them. So that, Caller ID helps to do it.

With Freezvon you may setup and show your Caller ID not only for virtual numbers, but also for toll free 800 numbers. We recommend you to install such service as PBX system with additional useful features you may connect to it. Except unlimited quantity SIP-accounts, there are voicemail, CDR, call recording, hold a music, IVR menu, greeting message, call group, internal numbers for free communication etc. Anyway, we want to tell you about Caller ID in details below.

What is Caller ID option and how it works?

Caller ID is a service that helps to make your digits displaying on screens of people you dialing to. When you use SIP-account for making calls, your Caller ID can be represented on subscriber’s screen. When somebody sees the digits he can give you back calls, so via SIP app (Zoiper or Xlite) you get calls.This feature is always FREE. There is also a possibility to set forwarding of calls to IP telephone. If you have more than one SIP account, you may attach the ID to each of them. That's well-known service has various names based on the country where it's used. These are some of them:

  • CLI - Calling Line Identification;
  • CLIP - Calling Line Identification Presentation;
  • CLID - Calling Line Identity;
  • CID - Caller Identification;
  • CNID - Calling Number Identification.

Remember, that you can get virtual voice numbers and toll free numbers, which works on base of call forwarding to SIP, Skype, mobile/fixed number. We also offer virtual numbers for SMS or fax. See the areas and rates for our phone numbers on the "Pricing and coverage" page.

The advantages of Caller ID function

Before SIP-account receive, you should know more about priorities in Caller ID usage. Please, learn some of them below in list:

  • Your subscribers trust you more;
  • It has automatic connection to your SIP account;
  • This option is FREE for most countries;
  • Outgoing calls via SIP are done at cheap local rates;
  • Forwarding of calls to SIP is FREE;
  • You will obtain more calls from important people;
  • That’s also possible to get some other phone features as call recording, conditional call forwarding and others.
There is such feature as automatic Caller ID. For instance, when you have several numbers for UK, USA, Russia, visibility of digits depends on destination you call, it means if you call via UK virtual number, Caller ID is UK or when you dial via USA virtual number your ID will be USA etc. But when you dial to another destination you don't have the number for, as Canada for instance, then Caller ID will be one of the numbers you already have.

Caller ID for outcoming and incoming calls

Your number traditionally can't be visible to people you reaching. But with the feature we provide you, your subscribers will recognize you by several digits they see in their call log. When you are calling anyone, he or she sees the number, that can give more trust to you too.

When you have concrete phone number combination, people are able to reach you anytime they need. So this feature will save your subscribers in touch with you for a long time. Even when you haven't reached somebody, be sure you will get back calls. You can see the phone number of caller and forward the calls to SIP, Skype, mobile or landline number.

How to order SIP account with Caller ID from Freezvon?

You can get this service free after buying a virtual phone number from Freezvon. First, you need to complete about connection of the SIP account together with your Caller ID in addition:

  • You need to write a request to our manager;
  • Then you need to download free apps as Zoiper or Xlite;
  • Our manager will send you all necessary settings about account connection;
  • Then your Caller ID will be automatically attached to your SIP-account;

After that you can dial to any destination you need (local or international) at cheap costs and receive calls from more and more people who can finally see your phone number combination.

Buy Virtual Number with Caller ID

For more info you may contact our 24-hours technical department via Skype, email, online help chat or by phone shown on our official website. We work all day and night in order to give you full consultations and support your phone services active and workable. Stay confident and sure in tomorrow day with Freezvon's telephony.