Connect Ukrainian phone number with code +380 can be used online. Freezvon Company have nice recommendations for those who want to make calls to Ukraine and do not spend too much money for these conversations. Virtual Ukraine number is suitable for customers from USA, Canada, Great Britain, Russia and other European country.

We offer unlimited quantity of calls to at extremely low rates. Buying this type of number, you don’t have to get SIM-card or connect roaming. You can see the proof on your own experience.

Since 20 of October you can call to Ukraine number and it will cost on 15-20% less. If you dial Kiyvstar number or install redirection to this number, it will cost even cheaper on 30%. On this page you will find more details about calls via SIP to this country.

Number for calls to Ukraine from Freezvon Company

Our corporation officially announces about cheap prices to local Ukrainian numbers and mobile numbers of local operators. Now calls became more available. Being in every country, contact to citizens of Ukraine, picking any city. Our Ukraine VoIP virtual numbers work without SIM-cards and have consistently high quality of connection. To ensure the availability of price and availability of your desired accommodation please use this form. If you need a mobile number in Ukraine (Life, MTS, Kyivstar) then choose some of them from the list of its mobile numbers.

Usage of SIP for cheap calls to Ukraine

Cheap VoIP calls to Ukraine

Recommendations of making cheap calls to Ukraine

Using SIP account, make such cheapest VoIP calls we provide to our customers. They are free of charge with the purchase of the virtual rooms. To make cheap calls you need to:

  1. Buy a virtual number for "Ukraine" calls;
  2. Indicate at registration of the wish of the receipt of SIP account;
  3. Install Zoiper or X-Lite application on your smartphone or PC;
  4. Enter data when the program starts;
  5. Type program local phone number with country code.

If you don’t need a number, just get SIP separately. Instead of making calls to this country, you will get free calls from there. It’s also possible to redirect calls to Skype for free.

Services of virtual telephony from Freezvon

We always offer you telephone services of high quality not only for corporate, but private customers. Every day amount of customers grows thanks to great choice of telephone numbers, professional support and good service.

Principal types of numbers we offer for:

  • Calls;
  • SMS;
  • Fax;
  • SMS and calls;
  • Toll free phone numbers;
  • Multichannel numbers;
  • Virtual PBX station;
  • Additional telephone services as blacklist, call recording, background music, greeting message and others.

How to get any Ukrainian VoIP phone number?

In fact, you can use Ukrainian numbers in every sphere, it can be used as for office as for home.

  • For creating an order of any number initially required to be registered here;
  • Selecting the desired number you must top up a balance;
  • Payment can be made through such payment systems like Paypal, LiqPay, Privat24, WebMoney and others;
  • Pick any needed parameters;
  • Choose subscription period for the number: 1, 3, 6, or 12 months (2-18% discount based on the period of subscription and the price of the number).
  • Confirm your ordering.

If you have additional questions about the Ukrainian numbers, and other services, please contact our technical department, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without a break.

Buy Virtual Ukrainian numbers Online

For more detailed consultation, you can apply to our technical department via Skype, email, helping livechat or by telephone. We are available 24 hours per day without weekends for your comfort with VoIP technologies.