Telecommunication technology as SIP softphone, which is specially for VoIP calls managing. This service allows to make outgoing calls internationally online at very low costs. We would like to present you the free SIP softphone apps, which can be used on different operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, Linux. It permits to expand business, maintain professional contacts, conduct the affairs remotely. Let’s see in details what is that and how IP-telephony bases on it.

Download and setup the SIP-application for your PC:

Download and setup the SIP-application for your smartphone:

What is SIP softphone and how it works?

SIP softphone is a free software for computer, smartphone or any other device that allows to receive or make video and voice calls using SIP account and virtual phone number. It’s also called as “program telephone”, "SIP-client". All you need to have is a good Internet. You may choose any convenient SIP app for various operating system like iOS, Android, Windows, Linux etc. That depends on the device and system you use. Freezvon collected the list of free voice apps for any of your operating systems or gadgets.

Install VoIP server software system for calls

That is useful VoIP telephony system, which is able to control the telecommunication thanks to the standard phone services, like SIP accounts, internal virtual numbers, voicemail, call recording, own IP, contact books and other additional phone features, which you can order up to your requirement. This VoIP server thanks to easy interface permit organizing the telephony in office. Working with customers you are able to monitor their calls and control the work of your employees for improving your business running.

Install VoIP server with virtual number

CRM system for customer relationship management

That is a system that helps you to control the work with customers and increase the sales by automatized kind of work. It is possible to unite the IP telephony (IP PBX, virtual numbers, SIP accounts) with this system. Moreover, it is integrated with CRM and can be used at your smartphones with such services as call recording, forwarding of calls, greeting message, statistics etc. That makes work with clients easier and time-saving and always able to control your employees in order to avoid making mistakes, because Bitrix24 excludes any of them.

Install CRM system with virtual number

IP-telephone SIP softphone for online calls

It is a device that works thanks to SIP protocol and has possibility to receive and make cheap phone calls. All you need is good and stable Internet connection and SIP account that is necessary for setting this device. You don't have to use any cables, because this kind of SIP softphone is wireless. In case you need it working with cables, it's possible to connect USB. This device has lots of benefits in usage, which you can check clicking on button below.

How to use IP-telephone device

SIP softphone and IP-telephony: preferences of utilization

  • Cheap abroad calls;
  • High speed of data transmission;
  • High quality of telecommunication;
  • Free call forwarding to SIP;
  • Absence of additional technical equipment;
  • Possibility to expand business on worldwide market;
  • Holding affairs remotely.

Virtual number: key service of IP-telephony

It can be of different types: for calls, SMS or fax, multichannel and toll free 800 number. When you connect one of them, there is a possibility to pick necessary region, area, coverage and way of call forwarding.

All inbound calls could be forwarded to:

  • Mobile or landline;
  • SIP softphone.

Forwarding of calls to mobile or landline number depends on local rates. Moreover, forwarding to SIP is FREE. It’s obligatory to create SIP-account and setup coming call to it. Our specialists will help to install it and give some recommendations.

Forget about buying SIM-cards and other equipment. It’s very convenient when you need to move somewhere else and change location, because it doesn’t attach to any place.

What is cost for SIP service with SIP softphone?

Concerning costs, it’s possible to get information about prices for outbound SIP calls clicking on a button below. Paying resources for needed VoIP services could be transferred to us via such systems as Perfect Money, Yandex Money, bank transfer or any other suitable method. We provide costs for services, which are reasonable and extremely low.

Rates and coverage for SIP calls

Our technical support help is always available online via Skype, live chat or email. You can also dial us by phone. Just contact us and become more informed in questions of IP-telephony features from Freezvon Company. Our specialists always get useful and concrete information, advice or consultation for you. Just don't be afraid of asking!