You can withdraw the remaining funds from your balance if you terminate the use of services completely (i.e. if you don't have any virtual numbers or PBX connected). For this, you need to make a request from your account in "Support".
Our financial department will consider the possibility of a refund of the balance and will inform you what you need to do.
and will inform you what you need to do. As a rule, when you make a refund to your card, you have to pass the photo verification of the user. In this case, the payment is returned to the same card from which it was made.

Documents needed for photo verification:

  1. Colored photos of your passport, pages 1-2, or an ID card with a time stamp that also says "For Freezvon only";
  2. Photo of the payer holding the document. The photo must be colored and of good quality. Both the face of the payer and the document must be discernible.

If the refund is made to a bank account, this may require a letter/request for a refund, indicating the amount and company details/bank requisites. This refund is made only to the same company that made the payment.