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Denmark virtual numbers for calls, SMS and fax

Having such virtual telephone number, you are able to get opportunities of technical progress.When we’re talking about modern technologies, it’s evident that we don’t know a lot about this vast field of life. Anyway, there is a new department close to our life, because we are users for real. It’s IP telephony conquered our society and Freezvon as provider presents you virtual number for Denmark. If you have a chance to get more impressive facts about this country, we could help you with this.

This country is really fascinating. Denmark is included in TOP-5 European countries according to the highest level of employment. Investigations from Cambridge University proved that Danish nation is the happiest one in the world. It’s interesting that very popular tinker toys “LEGO” is from Denmark, it was created in 1949, but to make it popular creators decided to build recreation parks called “LEGOLAND” (there are about 6 parks in the world). By the way, the name of this toy is translated from Danish as “play well”. So, but it’s interesting to know more about IP services. Let’s check them out!

What are Denmark virtual numbers and their working abilities?

This number has a code +45 and the principles of its work depends on forwarding calls, SMS and fax to special courses chosen before:

  1. SMS – diverting to email, url or another number;
  2. Calls – redirection IP telephone, SIP, Skype, alternate phone;
  3. Fax – readdressing only to email.

Virtual numbers used in Denmark
Get virtual phone number in Denmark

It’s obligatory to mention that these numbers don’t need SIM cards or wires, they require only Internet connection. If you want to go somewhere you could use our number and don’t be afraid of its functionality, because it doesn’t have physical attachment.

To be more familiarized with pricing for numbers you could here.

Special characteristics of virtual numbers for Denmark

Before having purchase, every customer should balance all positive sides of product. We’re happy to show you strong sides for our virtual numbers:

  • It’s simple and trouble free in using;
  • No heavy equipment is required;
  • Low rates for connection is guaranteed;
  • You can order services via our site system. Be sure you have strong Internet connection;
  • Many additional telephone services are obtainable from our site. There are call recording, IVR menu, welcome message, click to call, call back, cheap SIP calls, black list and others;
  • It’s not bound to physical location.

Varieties of Denmark virtual numbers from Freezvon

Look at sorts of number, which we recommend for Denmark. They works by forwarding which principles were explained above.These numbers are for:

  1. Receiving Fax;
  2. Sending/receiving SMS;
  3. Making/Getting calls;
  4. SMS and Calls;
  5. Fax and Calls;

With big amount of lines your numbers will be more dynamic and powerful for communication. They are:

  • Multichannel (with lots of phone lines)
  • Toll free 800 (providing free calling for subscribers).

VoIP technologies enlarged their powers, so we’re glad to tell you about them. New-created solution for your telephony called virtual IP PBX that presents big variety of VoIP services picked up in one package (IP address, many virtual numbers, SIP accounts, free internal telephony, call recording, call history etc.).

Denmark virtual numbers ordering procedure

Freezvon submits the easiest process of buying via Internet. You can confirm this information on your own experience.

Fill the next directions:

  • Register yourself to our website and reach personal cabinet;
  • Put some cash to the balance;
  • “Denmark” is you next choice;
  • Number type is also essential;
  • Start ordering!

Select any possible method of payment service for buying our product. Then within 24 hours your number will be connected and you should check your email where we will send a notification letter.

Don’t lose a chance to ask what you’re interested in about IP telephone services. Technical support specialists are going to inform you with virtual technologies details you’ve never heard before. Appeal to our email, Skype or live chat.

Available area codes and costs for Denmark virtual number

City NameArea codeSetup feeMonthly feeVoiceSMSFAX
National 31520+--
Toll Free8071019+--
Virtual PRI00090---
Greve Strand6900--+
Short Codexx1520---

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