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Order UAE local virtual phone numbers

Native citizens of Arab Emirates are already in your telephone thanks to VoIP technologies. Freezvon offers various types of numbers in UAE for calls, SMS and faxes and their combinations. Besides, multichannel number makes several simultaneous conversations possible. Toll Free numbers are popular in UAE among companies, which care about clients’ expenditures. In the world of business relations the success of your company depends even on the details. Our company offers many additional smart functions to provide maximum comfort while using corded number in Emirates to satisfy all the needs of our customers.

UAE is a wealthy reputable country and fast growing market, which is very attractive for many business spheres. But how necessary is an opening of a real representative office? Modern VoIP-telephony allows to save a lot on conversations and administrative expenditures – simply use virtual number . Create a local presence in UAE and increase trust of clients and partners in this country.

What is UAE virtual number and its role?

This number has a code +971 and give a possibility to make diverting of calls, SMS and fax to desired destination courses like:

  1. SIP;
  2. IP telephone;
  3. URL;
  4. Skype;
  5. E-mail;
  6. Alternate number.

Use virtual phone number for UAE
Arabian Emirates virtual numbers

No SIM cards or other equipment are used with this number. Another one beneficial point is that user could get around, but its number will work the same. That’s explained by absence of number physical attachment. If you have a desire to make calls, you are able to order SIP account, and reduce expenses for telecommunication with people from foreign countries.

Selection of a necessary UAE virtual numbers

Generally, VoIP telephony offers several numbers, so everyone can find appropriate solution. So, choose a desired virtual number for:

  • Calls;
  • SMS;
  • Fax – allows receiving fax (moreover the messages are sent to your e-mail in PDF format, so you do not need technical equipment and spend money on consumables);
  • Multichannel virtual numbers - numbers for receiving several calls simultaneously (popular among call centers);
  • Calls and SMS – benefits of two types in one (you pay only for one number);
  • Calls and fax – buy the only number for two purposes.

So, you choose a necessary number, set up forwarding to your Skype, SIP-application, home, office or mobile number and speak freely with your company customers in this country. At the same time local callers do not even suspect they speak with another part of the world. Look at prices here

What odds do you get using our UAE virtual number?

VoIP telephony opportunities embrace all the aspects of telecommunication services and can offer even more, than custom technologies. Freezvon Company guarantees the next priorities of using your UAE virtual number:

  • Faithfulness in all questions that are connected with service;
  • Low prices on outgoing calls for virtual number;
  • Accessibility everywhere, even outside the state;
  • Multichannel access to your virtual number;
  • Additional telephone services (Voicemail, conference call, click to call, welcome message, black list and others.)

Freezvon provides such incredible service as Virtual PBX station. Having such system you could have free interior calls, numerous SIP accounts, IP address, IVR menu, call recording and other services. Its installation is described in details on our website.

How to buy UAE virtual number?

The process is very simple and does not require some special efforts – everything is made from your personal computer or other device using the Internet. Please, make several steps and enjoy UAE virtual number:

  • Register on Freezvon.
  • Fill up your account.
  • Choose a type of a number.
  • Select UAE from the list.
  • Set up forwarding.

You can pay for our services using online payment systems or do it via bank transfer. Check them all here. Your ordered number will function within 24 hours, so just wait for our notification letter.

Also you can order additional services with a simple written request from your profile. Numbers and extras services will be connected within 24 hours or less, so you could feel UAE virtual number benefits shortly. See our contacts here.

Available area codes and costs for UAE virtual number

City NameArea codeSetup feeMonthly feeVoiceSMSFAX
Toll Free8003050---

Buy Virtual Phone Number For UAE

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