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Сonnect virtual PBX system to your virtual number of any country

If you have our virtual numbers you can connect them to your own virtual PBX station, which works like office telephony system, but more ameliorated. Our PBX has several standard telephone services as voicemail, unlimited SIP accounts, free virtual number, call group internal phone numbers, call recording, welcome message, contact book, CDR and other additional services you may choose to connect by request. If you have a big call center or just need to set your office telecommunications, buy our virtual PBX now!

IMPORTANT! Freezvon is committed to providing you with all access and basic settings that you perform on your own to complete the connection of your virtual PBX. If you need some help or advice regarding the management or configuration of your PBX, you can send a request with a technical assignment for our technical support. An additional fee is provided, depending on the complexity of the task you are requesting.

Connect service of virtual PBX

What are the advantages of virtual PBX

  • Multichanneling – more channels for one phone number;
  • Free calls from operator to operator within office;
  • Strong security system for your data;
  • Unlimited quantity of SIP-accounts;
  • You can control your employees with the help of call recording services;
  • Many additional services as welcome message, background music, call recording, voicemail.

The list of countries for which you can get a free virtual number when you connect the service "Virtual PBX":

Virtual Australia numbers for calls AustraliaVirtual Austria numbers for calls AustriaVirtual Belgium numbers for calls BelgiumVirtual Bulgaria numbers for calls BulgariaVirtual Canada numbers for calls Canada
Virtual Canada Mobile numbers for calls Canada MobileVirtual Estonia numbers for calls EstoniaVirtual Finland numbers for calls FinlandVirtual France numbers for calls FranceVirtual Greece numbers for calls Greece
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Virtual Portugal numbers for calls PortugalVirtual Romania numbers for calls RomaniaVirtual Russia numbers for calls RussiaVirtual Slovak Republic numbers for calls Slovak RepublicVirtual Spain numbers for calls Spain
Virtual Sweden numbers for calls SwedenVirtual Switzerland numbers for calls SwitzerlandVirtual United Kingdom numbers for calls United KingdomVirtual USA numbers for calls USAVirtual USA Mobile numbers for calls USA Mobile

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Payment methods

During ordering the phone number there can appear the question how to pay for the number and what payment methods accept the company Freezvon. Our team tries to provide our customers with lots of payment methods. LEARN MORE

accepted payment methods to purchase a virtual number

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