Any company that supports servers, websites or any other platform connected to the Internet is constantly subjected to hacking attempts, malicious attacks (DDoS, etc.), spam, data extraction from various sources (this applies even to IP-telephony) and many other threats. Therefore, they need reliable protection for efficient and safe operation. This can be achieved using the AbuseIPDB IP filtering service.

What it is? AbuseIPDB is a project aimed at combating hackers, spammers and other malicious cybercriminals. This includes different types of online fraud. According to the creators, his main mission is to make the network secure by creating a huge database of dangerous IP addresses, which can be accessed online to get the necessary information about a specific IP.

How it works?As you know, attackers use automated software to attack millions of targets around the clock, often associated with unscrupulous hosting companies, hacked servers and other machines. Such actions increase the chance of hackers to find a vulnerable target. But at the same time, they provide an opportunity for system administrators to detect and prevent attacks by noticing a suspicious IP address and blocking it.

One of the advantages of this service is the ability not only to find the necessary information about the IP address, but also to report on the new and the reasons for its suspicious activity. This will help expand the service base in order to warn others of the danger in advance.

AbuseIPDB provides information and also gives access to a blacklist of IP addresses that were previously seen in suspicious activity on the network. Users can use the free API to report inappropriate IP addresses and instantly check if an IP address has been registered.

Who is this good for? Such a service will be useful to anyone who wants to protect any device that is connected to the Internet and accessible to users from harmful influences. But, as never before, it is useful in the field of IP-telephony, because it is too open for attackers. Therefore, any company that provides IP-telephony services or uses it for communication, really needs such a service, because through it, you can filter IP addresses and prevent malicious SIP accounts from being harmful to the VoIP server.

How to apply? You are given the opportunity to check whether the suspicious activity of a particular IP address was recorded through the service using the search box on the main page of the site. This method will be convenient for a one-time check or for infrequent use. If you regularly use the services of AbuseIPDB, consider registering an account to access a powerful API for compiling reports and checking the status of reports by IP addresses.

Free accounts are given the opportunity to check 1000 requests per day. Verified users are allowed 3000-5000 requests per day.

How much is it? As the company emphasizes, their mission is to neutralize the Internet as much as possible, which is why most services are free. But in order to take full advantage of the server, you can connect to a paid plan. You can find out more about them at

Our Freezvon service offers SIP telephony services, such as providing virtual numbers for calls, SMS and faxes, Toll Free 800 numbers, multi-channel numbers, a virtual telephone exchange, cheap international VoIP calls over the Internet, sending SMS and other additional telephone services. We use the capabilities of AbuseIPDB to protect our websites, SIP accounts and other purposes. This is done in order to take care of our customers and their information, so be sure that you are in good hands.

In addition, our system is connected to many other systems to increase the level of security. If you have questions, recommendations or comments about the topic of protection - you can always contact us.

Regards, Freezvon Team

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