Calls with Fring have opportunities with cheap rates and simple interface. Present-day telephony changes faster than ever, VoIP-telephony providing cheap costs and more qualitative connection and signal. We want to present you Fring application, which is created for talking and got various services and functions.

This application permits making calls to different countries and its cities at really low rates. Your telephone conversations will be longer thanks to available pricing of Fring. You can install it to your smartphone or tablet and use it anytime you need.

Download a program Fring free on official website. Usage is also out of charge, but you pay only for spent transit traffic. It is a great alternative to analogue means. From this article, you will learn more about new app for telecommunication managing calls.

What is Fring application for communication?

That is mobile client-program created on base of IP-telephony and uniting all data transmitting protocols as SIP, Sipnet, MSN, Messenger, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Facebook and Twitter. This application is designated for messages exchange including video and voice calls. It makes all programs built on data transmission available. Fring gives a permission to use all inbound calls included into it and can be set to cell phone, tablet or smartphone.

Fring app for calling via SIP

Fring application for receiving and making calls

How to make calls with Fring program?

In order to get a possibility to make cheap calls via mobile, tablet or smartphone using Fring, you should complete the following stages:

First stage: receiving SIP-account

With high priority, you need to order SIP-account for Fring from Freezvon. For this you need to make the next steps:

  • Register to our website;
  • Top up a balance in personal cabinet;
  • Write a request to our team, then get all important settings for access to account on your e-mail.

Second stage: download Fring application

Fring program is available on official website and can be installed to any of your devices described above. You can do it with WAP or SMS. Application Fring works on such platforms as:

  • Symbian;
  • Windows Mobile;
  • Java ME;
  • IOS.
Main application condition for usage is access to Internet via Wi-Fi, GPRS or 3G. You need to choose telephone device, a country, indicate number or email.Then you will receive SMS-message with a link for downloading.

Installation of this program is not difficult. You will have ID number consisted of your mobile number and code of country or operator. Then you need to indicate a name or create a password.

Third stage: setup Fring application

Main condition for making calls is an access to chosen device with Internet connection. After registration pick a program for further utilization with SIP. Finishing all installations, you should enter received from us data in order to use SIP and making calls operations.

Fourth stage: making calls via Fring

In order to make phone outgoing calls, you need to open property page “Calls”, then “Options”, pick “Calls ->SIP call”, enter needed number with country and city codes and confirm clicking on “Ok”.

Benefits of making or receiving SIP-calls via Fring

Calls with mobile network, tablet or smartphone using Fring gives lots of advantages. They are the following:

  • You can choose from what device you will dial to;
  • Costs for outgoing SIP calls are lower;
  • Program has easy interface, that make process of calling quite simpler;
  • Except voice calls, application Fring has many useful functions for text messages, checking email, using social networks and many other opportunities;
  • You can order virtual phone numbers of various types and additional telephone features.

Check all these odds on your own experience. Use SIP/VoIP telephony for your needs.

Costs for calls via mobile, tablet or smartphone via Fring

Creation of SIP account from Freezvon is free (if you have virtual number from our company). Learn more about rates for outgoing calls via SIP see here. See the types of virtual numbers, prices for connection or monthly fee and list of countries is here.

Buy virtual phone number for cheap calls

In order to be more experienced and informed in VoIP telephony sphere, just contact our technicians who will show you all pluses of this telecommunication field. Contact them now and solve your cases. We care for our customers comfort, so always try to build firm and friendly partnership with them. Only communication will save the humanity!