Making inexpensive Russian calls with SIP-telephony service to Ukraine. Now residents of Russia do not have to connect international billing plan and spend lots of money on conversations with Ukrainians.

SIP telephony presents an opportunity to make call to Ukraine from any region of Russia via special account. Maintain communicating with relatives, friends, business partners or colleagues from Ukraine at extremely low rates on connection.

Rating for calls from Russia to Ukraine using SIP-telephony is totally lower than cell phone or home number. For making calls you need to get SIP-account, BUT with virtual phone number. Please, see all information presented in this article. We hope it will be helpful.

Use SIP-telephony for cheaper calls to Ukraine from Russia

SIP-telephony is a method of telecommunication by calls (messages, video), which are transformed into digital format and transferred via Internet. This technology permits calling to Ukraine from Russia and other foreign countries at low costs via SIP-account. Calls should be made with the help of special program as Zoiper, which must be installed to your device (it’s also possible to use IP-telephone).

In order to get incoming calls you have to buy virtual number (fixed or mobile, or toll free 800) with function of call forwarding to such destinations as SIP or analogue number. It works all around the globe without SIM-cards and cables.

Calls from Russia to Ukraine

Make calls from Russia to Ukraine

Why it is profitable calling from Russia to Ukraine via SIP account?

These VoIP calls have a range of competitive odds and pluses before mobile and local network. They are the following:

  • Calls with SIP account are cheaper;
  • NO SIM-cards or roaming connecting;
  • Available phone number for Moscow +499 and phone number Moscow +495;
  • Subscribers are not required to have Internet;
  • Physical location attachment is absent;
  • List of useful additional phone features as blacklist, call recording, voicemail, hold a music, greeting message and others.

Buying virtual VoIP number on Freezvon, SIP account will be out of charge. For displaying your number, you can connect an option called Caller ID or any other additional service.

Rates for calls to Ukraine from Russia

Costs for outgoing calls to Ukraine are presented in section of “Pricing”. Rating is not depended on your place of staying. With virtual number you get free SIP-account and just put $ 10 or more to your balance (this money are not withdrawn, it can be spent at your choice).

Prices for virtual numbers for making calls

How to make calls from Russia to Ukraine?

In order to call cheaper to Ukraine or any other European country, you need to complete the following stages:

  • Sign up to Freezvon;
  • Get a virtual number and top up a balance with sum of $ 10;
  • Write a request to us about ordering of SIP-account.

We recommend you to have a number for receiving calls from Russian subscribers or residents of other regions. There are such cities as Kharkov +380-57, Odessa +380-48, Kiev +380-44, Poltava +380-532, and also some mobile type numbers: Life +380-93; Vodafone +380-99 and other operators.

Purchasing process for virtual number after registration

For being a user of such number, it’s obligatory to complete these points:

  • Recharge a balance and pick Ukrainian number;
  • Setup a redirection;
  • Choose subscription period for the number: 1, 3, 6, or 12 months (2-18% discount based on the period of subscription and the price of the number).
  • Confirm your ordering.

Then you will get on email all setting including domain, password, login for your account. All questions can be asked our technical department.

Buy Virtual Number for calls from Russia to Ukraine

In case of some confusing questions concerning payments, ordering, products availability, contact our technical Freezvon team. We are accessible via Skype, email, online livechat, or by phone. Do not hesitate to make IP-telephony clearer!