Previously, to coordinate the operations of all regional offices and create a corporate network, you would have needed to invest funds in very expensive equipment and organize separate PBX based on analog telephony for each branch. Currently, cloud IP telephony will provide better conditions in terms of price and service.

Organizing A Single Telephone Network Between Branches

Thanks to VoIP telephony, a company optimizes its expenditure on telephone communications, equipment purchase, server maintenance. The number of users can grow without losing productivity if you use virtual numbers. It allows uniting the main office, regional branches, and remote employees in a time-effective way.

To enable remote branches to exchange calls and data freely, IP telephony provider Freezvon provides several simple solutions:

1. Connecting a virtual number and IP PBX

Using virtual numbers to form a corporate network is beneficial in many ways. A company spends less on telephony. Incoming calls from customers and colleagues, if forwarded to SIP, will be free of charge or charged by minimal rates even if branches are situated in different countries.

Managing the communication process as a whole is conducted through a virtual PBX. Thanks to it working via a cloud server, IP PBX is self-contained and does not depend on additional special hardware. A corporate telephone network does not need to buy new telephone sets as employees' computers have applications for calls installed (softphones). Another option is to set up call forwarding to office phones. But it is charged at a higher rate.

Virtual PBX enables telephone connection and guarantees that every employee, including remote managers, receives access to call management tools. For managing customer databases, a virtual PBX could be integrated with a CRM system such as Bitrix24.

2. Creating extensions

Virtual PBX allows creating extensions. They could be assigned to different departments as well as used for quick phone connection with a regional branch. A caller can use an IVR installed on the company's mainline to redirect their call to the needed department or regional branch.

If a company has employees who are required to travel for work, the optimal solution for it would be to install a softphone on their smartphones. Then, even as they travel, they will be able to participate in a conference call organized by the division manager. Virtual room is an option that could be launched via cloud PBX, after which the participants could join by a link after entering a passcode.

3. Setting up an IVR

With a virtual PBX, you can set up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) by yourself. Its goal is to provide a quick way to connect the caller to the required department or a regional office by entering the extension as a DTMF code. Freezvon experts assist in developing a structure for the IVR menu and recording the audio files. You can be assured that the system processes all commands correctly.

4. Organizing records system

A virtual number for fax allows receiving documents to your email without a fax machine. This service will come in handy when organizing collaboration between branches, as well as receiving faxes while on a business trip.

Useful VoIP Telephony Tools For Team Leaders

Virtual telephony will reduce the costs of calls and allow connecting branches in a single network. It will create convenient conditions for communication between branches. It will make it easier for the managerial staff to control the operations in regional branches.

Virtual PBX has the following options for this:

  • Voicemail saves messages from colleagues when the leader is temporarily unavailable;
  • Call statistics allows gathering data on agent productivity. Data to be analyzed includes successful and missed calls, call duration;
  • Conference calls connect more than two users at a time, which allows communication between managers even during business trips;
  • You can analyze the employee's calls recordings in case of a decrease in productivity. Besides, a recording of negotiations between partners and customers will be an additional supporting point in case if one side wants to change the deal terms.

Freezvon will assist in creating a single telephone network for the main office and all its branches by using cloud IP telephony. Contact us! We are available 24/7.