IP telephony is a tool that helps team members to communicate with customers and within the team. Freezvon will tell you about popular virtual telephony services for remote work so that the team feels united regardless of the location of each employee. Moreover, this solution allows managers to keep all work processes under control.

Why VoIP Is the Best Choice for Remote Work

The remote format of work enables you to invite the best specialists from different cities and countries to the team. The company needs a virtual number in order not to pay high phone bills. It operates based on VoIP technology and offers some benefits.

  • Incoming calls can be free, or cheaper, if the calls are forwarded to an SIP account.
  • A virtual number does not require a SIM card, only fast Internet, so it’s easy to use several numbers at once on the same device.
  • International and long-distance outgoing calls are cheap.
  • No need to buy hardware, it can be used with PC, mobile phones and other devices that are already in use.
  • Multiple SIP accounts could be created for one number (enough for the entire team).

Let’s analyze IP telephony tools that will be required by remote employees to perform their duties as effectively as managers in the office.

Apps for Remote Work

As time and task management systems are pretty interchangeable, we will focus only on tools for managing telephone communications.

The same IP telephony setup can be used to work both at the office or remotely.

Cloud PBX

A VoIP number is connected to a virtual PBX, which is responsible for managing all the telephone communication processes. The virtual PBX service is independent of the company’s location and employees. A virtual PBX allows implementing different scenarios for call processing which could be tailored for the needs of your company.

  • It’s easy to organize a call center where remote operators are allocated to help customers.
  • It’s suitable to create a communication channel for a startup that is being developed by an international team from different countries.
  • You can combine all branches into one corporate telephone system, with call forwarding to the required office via the IVR menu.

Remote employees get access to telephony online. Communication on the internal line will be free. The virtual PBX also has such useful services as call forwarding, call queue, voicemail, etc.

Calling Software

A virtual number can be used with a special VoIP phone connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. However, it’s better to choose a softphone for remote work. It’s an application through which managers can receive calls from customers and make outgoing calls. The user has to install a softphone on a mobile phone, PC, or laptop and enter SIP account details for an employee to gain access to corporate telephony.

Virtual Telephony Solutions for Monitoring Call Center Operators

The manager can monitor the productivity of sales managers or call center operators through call history. The type of call (incoming or outgoing), the number of missed calls, length of the call, call cost, and SIP account (which can be used to identify the agent making a call) is filed here. The results of the working day in terms of the volume of calls and closed deals will be visible for each manager separately when connecting a virtual number to CRM.

Conference Call

The manager can start a conference call to discuss project tasks together. He/she doesn’t even need to switch to Zoom or similar programs to do this because Freezvon IP telephony has such a solution implemented in IP PBX. Users can join the conference even without their SIP account by typing an access code.

Call Recording Service

The organization of remote work is a process where trust between the manager and employees is important. Use the call recording service to be sure that operators follow the rules of business etiquette when communicating with customers.

The call recording service will also be useful in such cases.

  • Clarification of the order’s information.
  • Teaching new team members the ways to communicate with clients.
  • Protecting the interests of the company during disputes.

All entries are stored on the virtual number user’s email. The provider allocates space on the cloud server for storing records when connecting an IP PBX.

How to Order Virtual Telephony Services?

The company receives software for remote work within the virtual PBX service using IP telephony. The decision to use IP telephony for customer service and remote teamwork quickly pays for itself. The company gets the opportunity to scale the business without large organizational costs. Contact Freezvon for a consultation so that experts can select VoIP services that meet the needs of your company.