SIP telephony helps people improve their business, make international calls cheaply and receive calls for free. All you need to do to use SIP services, which include a whole range of services, you just need to download a special application that allows you to configure and authorize a SIP account. There are several convenient applications for the iPhone mobile phone, namely:

Below you can see more detailed information about these softphones.

List of SIP Applications for iPhone

We present to your attention SIP-applications that will help to connect SIP-telephony services for iPhone.


Thanks to this softphone you can:

  • make video calls;
  • make cheap calls to any destination;
  • redirect calls to other directions;
  • record conversations;
  • exchange SMS messages.

Thanks to Linphone, you get a safe and high-quality connection. You do not need to buy additional equipment, you just download to your smartphone, which has Internet access, and start using SIP-telephony services. Installation will not take you much time, because thanks to the convenient interface, you can quickly get used to the application and can use it without any problems.


It is the most common and used SIP application. It is freely available and can be downloaded for free. Convenient Russian-language interface. For iPhone, this is a convenient way to communicate, which will help out at any time, anywhere, wherever you are. You can be located abroad, and subscribers will be able to contact you at the prices of their operator. With this application you can:

  • make audio calls, video calls;
  • make video conferences;
  • hold a call;
  • record conversations;
  • redirect conversations.

Bria Solo

This is a popular choice of softphone for iPhones. It's typical for iOS VoIP apps to work only when it runs in the foreground and use battery saving in the background. Thanks to Push notifications, Bria Solo runs in the background without losing registration.

Users will also like features like call history, contact sync, call transfer, hold, forwarding, call recording, and others.

The choice of applications is yours. Both of them are free, are freely available, function well and will not fail at the right time. SIP telephony services are a solution for expensive roaming and making calls. Now you can make calls using the Internet, without interruptions and good communication.