Nowadays, 1C software products are a certain standard for the work of accounting, management and other types of accounting in small and medium businesses. Employers require their employees to have mandatory skills to work with this software product. If the issue of integrating the online store and automation systems (balances, prices, bids, etc.) arises on the agenda also the 1C database is usually on the side of the office, and the integration is necessary as well.

What is 1C system and why people need it

1C system is not the name of the program, but of the Russian company, which specializes in the development, distribution, publication and support of computer programs for business and home use. That is, the mysterious term "1C" does not mean an accounting program at all, but can be perceived as an organization, a program for accounting, games, etc. Therefore, let us delineate the concepts that make up the generally accepted definition of "1C"

The most popular system is called 1C:Entreprise, which is system of programs designated for optimization of the management and accounting in different spheres and various companies. This system consists of technological platforms and configurations.

Why do you need 1C system for your business

  • Structuring of data concerning the enterprise activity;
  • Processing the basic documents;
  • Preparing of economic and financial accounts.
  • Fast access to any kind of data.

VoIP server system for calls management

That is useful telecommunication system that unites the phone services use in one comfortable interface for keeping the contact with colleagues, business partners and customers. You ca have such standard services like unlimited quantity of SIP-accounts, internal virtual numbers, voicemail, call recording, IVR, own IP, Free virtual number and other additional services you can connect up to your needs.

Install VoIP server with virtual number

CRM system for business relationships management

That is a useful system permitting to control the work of your employees and the relationships with customers. You can set it according to your business and control the situation. There is so-called Bitrix24, which can show all the tasks (complete or not), information about calls (incoming, outgoing, missed). Check the business processes in your company in very easy way.

Install CRM system with virtual number

Free SIP softphone application for calls

That is a voice call application for making outgoing and receiving incoming calls to any necessary device that you use. This app works on base of SIP telephony and can be used with SIP accounts. So, all your calls are connected to your SIP. There are such free apps like Zoiper, Xlite, Linphone, Twinkle, Sipdroid etc., which can be used on any operating system like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows etc.

Install free softphone with virtual number

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