Every business needs a reliable, inexpensive, and functional communication system. IP telephony and virtual numbers bring the possibility to get all the above-mentioned benefits. Right now we will analyze the features of this service, the principles of operation, and the way virtual telephony tools help businesses build strong communication with customers.

What is a virtual number?

A virtual phone number is a service that you can use to make calls without connecting a direct phone line or using a SIM card. Such a number is not tied to a physical address or device. Outwardly, it looks like ordinary mobile and landline numbers, as it also has a country and a mobile operator code. This service allows you to receive and make inexpensive calls both within your region and abroad.

How does the virtual number service work?

People value IP telephony for its flexibility. Such a service will be useful for individuals to be always in touch in any country, and for businesses when it is important to communicate freely with customers and manage all business processes remotely.

Virtual numbers use the Internet to exchange data, so they are also called VoIP numbers. Voice over Internet Protocol means “voice over IP”. The user can change the type of forwarding to answer calls from a device convenient for him/her. Virtual numbers for SMS, fax, and multichannel numbers are also common.

You need to make settings through your Freezvon personal account to determine the way calls will be received. They can be forwarded to the following destinations.

  • Home/office landline or cell phone. This type of forwarding is chargeable regardless of the country of the number. Call forwarding rates can be checked on the page.
  • SIP client. SIP is a special protocol that is designed to transmit signals over the Internet. The user needs to install an application, for example, Xlite or Zoiper on the device (cell phone, computer, or tablet) to receive and make calls. Incoming calls are forwarded to SIP free of charge for most countries. Toll-free numbers (800) have chargeable call forwarding to SIP in any case, regardless of what country the number is from.
  • IP phone. Such a device looks like an ordinary office phone, but it uses the SIP protocol for calls.
  • Virtual PBX. It helps to manage an unlimited number of calls, SIP accounts, and other VoIP services.

Virtual fax numbers have free fax to email forwarding.

SMS forwarding could be done to the following destinations.

  • Mobile phone number. The service is paid.
  • Email. SMS are sent to email for free.
  • URL. Forwarding is free of charge.

IP telephony business benefits

What is a virtual phone number from the point of view of an entrepreneur? This is an opportunity to work from anywhere, promote services in the local and international market, not overpay for calls, and keep all work processes under control even when you are far from the office. VoIP telephony services are suitable for everyone (individuals, small businesses, and global corporations).

Here are a few reasons for businesses to use virtual telephony.

  • Cost reduction. There’s no need to install a telephone line. You precisely control the cost of calls through detailed statistics and use cheap rates for international calls.
  • Easy start of the call center. The company does not need to buy equipment and contact the server installation specialist to organize the work of the call center. It is enough to have a fast Internet connection and configure all the options of a virtual PBX through a web application.
  • Entering the global market. IP telephony makes it possible to organize the delivery of goods and customer service abroad without opening a physical representative office there. The virtual number has a foreign code and helps to create the impression of the organization’s local presence abroad. Foreign customers can call at the rates of their local operators.
  • No dependency on location. It’s easy to stay in touch anywhere as the tariffs stay constant after moving. If the company’s physical address changes, its contact numbers remain the same. All the team members have access to IP PBX (even when they work from different cities or countries) since the service runs through cloud technologies.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. You can maintain high standards of customer service, quickly answer multiple calls, and manage call queues and call forwarding by using multichannel virtual PBX.

Buying a virtual number of another country is a perfectly legal action. Most states have a liberal policy toward VoIP services. However, some countries require the user to provide identification documents. Get acquainted with the states that have introduced an identification procedure on this page.

What is important to remember when choosing a virtual number?

Check out the following characteristics before placing an order for connecting VoIP services on the Freezvon website.

  • You must provide documents (passport or ID card) for landline numbers with the codes of Australia, China, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries.
  • Check the information about the countries to which a particular number type is connected. Enter the name of the state through the search menu or click on the “Buy a number” button to view the list of destinations and available services for them. If you need to receive an SMS or fax, check with Freezvon consultants whether such a service is provided for the selected destination.
  • Virtual numbers for SMS can be used to register on websites. However, mobile operators do not guarantee to receive of SMS from Internet services (payment systems or social networks).
  • We request the user’s contact details to connect any type of VoIP number. The terms of service are set out in the User Agreement.

How safe is it to use virtual telephony?

You keep your personal number confidential while using VoIP services. Virtual telephony is considered a secure way of communication but there are instances of fraud or hacking in this sphere too. Follow these simple recommendations to protect your SIP accounts and virtual PBX from hacking.

  • Use strong passwords for network equipment and SIP accounts. Do not store passwords in the public domain.
  • Block call forwarding and outgoing calls for countries you don’t work with.
  • Allow only a group of trusted IP addresses to access the PBX.
  • Analyze statistics to identify unusual activities or call directions.

Additional services for a virtual number

Virtual PBX

Freezvon offers you a variety of services that help build productive communication with customers. The most profitable offer for business is a virtual PBX.

The peculiarity of the service is that such a telephone exchange is used immediately to contact customers and for corporate communications. Employees can talk to each other via the virtual PBX and make internal calls to other branches for free.

Call queue management, tracking the productivity of call center operators, call costs through detailed statistics, cloud storage, and access to voicemail are some of the features you get when ordering virtual PBX services.

VoIP services from Freezvon

Virtual PBX users have immediate access to a variety of functions for effective communication with customers. When small business owners and individual entrepreneurs do not need such a number of call management tools, then a virtual number of additional services can be connected separately from the virtual PBX.

Here’s a list of additional services available on Freezvon.

  • Voicemail.
  • Interactive IVR menu.
  • Greeting message.
  • Conference calling.
  • Background music.
  • Black and white list.
  • Click to Call.
  • Call recording.
  • CallBack.
  • Conditional call forwarding.

You can get acquainted with each service and find out the cost of connection on the Additional Services page.

How to connect IP telephony for business needs?

Freezvon has been providing IP telephony services since 2012. All you have to do is to register on the site and connect a virtual PBX for business or become the owner of a virtual number. We value the time of our customers, so the support service works around the clock and will hold the consultation on connecting services. Moreover, specialists will introduce you to options for virtual PBX tariffs, available discounts, and promotions.