Virtual telephony tools are used to communicate and create the best service for customers. A VoIP call recording service will help you to see a higher level of call center productivity. It makes it easy to not only monitor the work of managers, but also control the quality of service. All this is due to the fact that the audio recording of the conversation with the client is available in one click on your mail.

How Does the Call Recording Service Work?

Freezvon offers call recording as a service connected to a virtual number. The user has access to different types of numbers.

  • Mobile.
  • Landline.
  • Multichannel.
  • Toll-free numbers (800).

All virtual numbers work based on VoIP technology (Voice over IP), which means that voice data is transmitted over the Internet. This service helps the company to optimize telephone costs. Inexpensive call rates become available and telephone cables or any other equipment are not needed (in contrast to analog communications).

You can record a conversation for incoming and outgoing calls together or separately. The entry will be active any time after it is activated.

An archive with call recordings will be available online. Cloud storage space available for free: 100 MB. You can also buy 10 GB for the Standard plan and 50 GB for the Business plan.

Why Does a Business Need a Phone Call Recording Service?

Every business competes for the attention of buyers. Whoever can provide the best service gets loyal customers. The call recording service works in several directions.

Order Information Confirmation

Even when the manager listens attentively to everything that the client says, some data may escape the attention of the operator during the communication process. The recording of the conversation offers you protection from dissatisfied customers whose order was accepted with an error. You can listen to the recording again and add all the missing details to the database. Sorting calls will speed up the search for the desired voice recordings.

Checking Compliance with the Rules of Service

The way call center workers answer calls creates the first interaction between a potential client and a company. Recordings of phone calls help the manager to monitor the work of operators. Examining the records along with analyzing call statistics assists in evaluating performance. Moreover, it makes it easy to pay attention to the employee who needs additional training.

Making a Complete Portrait of Clients

Each call in the call center is usually registered in the CRM, where managers record data on the client and deal. The better the client’s wishes are identified (the portrait is created) the easier it will be to make repeat sales. The marketing department can analyze call records and CRM data to get closer to understanding the perfect product that the target audience expects.

Dispute Resolution

Some disputes may arise when customers are dissatisfied with the service. Therefore, businesses require guarantees that will allow them to protect the rights of the company and employees. When a call center uses a recording of conversations, there will always be evidence of the kind of agreements the manager and the buyer came to. If a complaint was received against an employee, then the record will help reveal the truth. Such a solution helps to understand whether the manager was to blame, and could be used for training purposes to teach agents conflict resolution.

Check Service Quality and Gather Insights on Product

It is important to conduct surveys of regular customers, find out their opinion, and test ideas. Customers will be the source of creative suggestions to improve the product. Loyal clients willingly share information about the reason they come specifically for your service/product. They can also tell you about the things that need to be improved to increase your number of satisfied customers.

Employee Training

The process of new employees’ adaptation is faster if they are trained. It is enough to record calls and create training materials based on them to share the experience of senior colleagues. It is easier to understand in the example of a live conversation the way to start a communication with a client correctly, what to say, and what techniques help to convince better. A culture of service building starts with studying.

How to Get a Call Recording Service?

If you are already the owner of a Freezvon number, then you can order the call recording service immediately from your account. You need to submit a request from your account. The call recording service is free of charge. It is also included in virtual PBX packages. The support specialists will answer your questions about connecting VoIP services at any time.