Callback from a website is a service that Freezvon IP telephony users can order for their virtual number. This service simplifies the customer’s journey, allowing you to quickly contact a company specialist and get the desired information.

What is a Callback?

You have probably seen the handset icon on different websites with the words that you will be called back within 30 seconds. Such a module is the Callback widget. It can be launched automatically or in manual mode after specifying the number.

Callback connects two subscribers regardless of the country each of them is located in. The call will be free for the website visitor who launched the widget. The owner of a virtual number with an activated callback service will have the same billing as for outgoing calls.

Telephone costs will be less in comparison with analog communications. SIP telephony provides savings, which allows you to make international and local online calls at cheap rates.

There are at least three reasons why potential customers prefer to choose a callback.

  • They don’t want to call the multichannel line because it’s often busy.
  • The user wants to talk with a person, not a voicemail (set up call forwarding to the sales department).
  • A person can leave a request for a call back anytime, even on a day off.

Types of callbacks

There are several types of callback services according to the launch method.

  • Using a phone line. The system drops the call when a user calls a company phone number. Then the subscriber receives an automatic incoming call from the company.
  • Connection of two subscribers by the incoming call method. A website visitor fills out a callback form which is connected to the company’s phone number. A connection will be established between these numbers after activating the button.
  • Callback from the website. The company’s website has a Callback widget that initiates a call to the operator. The manager answers an incoming call.

Benefits of the Callback Service

All actions of the company are aimed at increasing the profit of the business. The connection of the callback service is used to reach the same goal. There are five main benefits that Callback provides.

Increases Customer Loyalty

A potential buyer is more likely to buy the product/service when the company takes care of his/her comfort. The person will appreciate the fact that he/she can get an informative consultation without spending money on a call and saving time searching for contacts.

Reduces the Number of Dropped Calls

The caller can do his/her own business and not wait in line when the operator is ready to answer.

Business Gets More Opportunities to Sell

The call to the sales department comes from a warm lead because the person is interested in a service or product, but doubts prevent a purchase. The main task of the manager is to remove objections and make a deal.

The Company Stands Out Favorably from Its Competitors

The business will be in a better position in the eyes of customers than competitors who do not use Callback. The callback function can be implemented not only as a widget on the website, but also added to the IVR. IVR offers to leave a request for a call back when the subscriber calls on a weekend.

Increasing Conversions without the Advertising Budget Growth

The offer of the Call back in 30 seconds widget calls the site visitor to action, which does not require additional efforts (finding a number and dialing a phone). The previous investment in generating traffic to the website allows businesses to close more deals. The thing is that such a solution increases the number of people who are ready to make contact.

How to Connect a Callback?

You can start using the callback service as soon as you connect a virtual number. Freezvon will select for you the type of VoIP number that meets your business needs. It can be the city, mobile, multichannel numbers, or toll-free (800) numbers.

The Callback service is connected via a personal account. There you can also order a virtual PBX or other services. It’s easy to get a consultation on choosing a number or setting up a Callback widget from support specialists.