Does that sound familiar: your call center handles a lot more calls right now, while probably having fewer employees present?

If it does, here's how you can handle that:

1) Enable remote work whenever possible.

Choose simple solutions that don't require additional pressure at your IT department or programming skills from your agents.

Recommended: multichannel phone numbers that could be used simultaneously by several agents.

It is very easy to use on any device: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

2) Reduce the time your clients have to spend waiting for an answer.

Check call statistics to track how long the waiting time is, what's the percentage of abandoned calls, and is the workload distributed evenly between your agents. If it isn't, set the inbound call queue to distribute calls to the least recent answering agent. Get yourself an IVR that gives your clients answers to the most frequently asked questions and an opportunity to leave a voicemail instead of waiting on the line.

Recommended: Call Statistics, Inbound Calls Queue, IVR menu, Voicemail.

Voice messages for IVR could be done by someone from your team with a clear, pleasant voice, or recording could be ordered from a professional.

3) Invest in additional training and materials for your team.

Even the best of us in trying times need to have resources to fall back into when handling stressful situations. Small scripts improvement could mean a lot when de-escalating conflict. Check call recordings to know where the improvement is needed.

Recommended: Call Recording.

Recordings could be listened to in your personal account or sent to your email.

4) Cut the cost keeping up the quality.

Virtual PBX, or an IP PBX, has all these features, and implementing this solution is less time consuming and costs less in total than if you're ordering these features separately. It's easy to scale up or down depending on how many lines does your call center has right now, and how many agents are involved.

Recommended: IP PBX Basic or Business Package.

You can have the IP PBX for free for the first month, and choose between 2 cost-efficient packages afterward.

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