CRM conception means different business running instruments united in well-formed system. Instead of Excel spreadsheets, instant messengers, lots of documents and running around the offices, there is only one service left.

It includes programs for collecting customer data, managing transactions, controlling managers, analysts and forecasting. It simplifies routine, speeds up appropriate correct decisions and eliminates errors.

How CRM system functions in office?

When you install this system you can organize the communication not only with your customers, but also the associates you cooperate with. Such system includes the automation of different arrangements and business tasks. The director of the company can check the statistic of his workers results and the income markers. Every managers can have its own rating and the effectivity mark. We recommend the Bitrix24 system, which can provide the every possible aspect of your business. Let’s see this system in details.

Bitrix24 customer and employee management system

That is a customers and employees management system, which easily organizes the work not only within the whole company, but set the relationships with potential buyers and permanent client base. Let’s see the advantages of such CRM system for your business.

  1. PBX subscribers are automatically fixed in networks and turn into tasks for employees of the sales service. Loss of access is excluded;
  2. All stages of the contract are monitored in the information system. The program prompts the employee for further action. For example, remind the customer about the terms, change the status of the transaction, invoice. Thanks to work in the CRM-system, the damage from errors and forgetfulness of personnel is minimized;
  3. The history of contracts and related documents are available to chieves and executors. Database search easily detects the required data. Working with CRM "Bitrix24" allows you to plan and solve work cases faster;
  4. You can set tasks for colleagues, make appointments with customers, plan calls or send letters.;
  5. Supports customer service.
  6. It provides a unified interaction with calls from subscribers coming through various channels (voice telephony, website, e-mail), like Contact-center;
  7. Accumulates transaction data, stores it and systematizes it, and also provides intelligent processing of indicators, as analytical management systems.

Check Bitrix24 system with virtual number

1C software development for big business

The author of the company "1C", intended for automation of enterprises. The software product is more than 20 years old. He passed a long way from a simple, single-user program for accounting, to a multi-user system for integrated business automation. You are able to connect VoIP telephony service to this system for example virtual phone number in order to organize the telecommunication within the company.

Use 1C system with virtual number

SIP softphone applications for calls online

That is another one special service helping to receive and make voice calls locally and internationally at cheap reasonable rates. They are presented by free applications like Linphone, Zoiper, Xlite, PortGo and others. Using it with SIP account and virtual phone number you are able to get more calls from business partners or associates.

Install softphone app with virtual number

VoIP server software system

This telephony system provides the easy built interface for controlling and monitoring of telecommunication affairs within and outside the corporation. You can record the incoming and outgoing calls, see the statistics, save the important contacts, create unlimited quantity of SIP-accounts for every of your employee, add as many virtual numbers as you want, get your own IP. Most popular VoIP servers are like Asterisk, FreePBX, FreeSwitch etc. More you can get clicking on the button.

Install VoIP server with virtual number

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