SIP-telephony services allow you to make cheap calls abroad and receive calls for free. Now you do not need to overpay money for roaming and additional equipment for communication. All you need is Internet access and a SIP application that you need to download and install. Different SIP applications are suitable for different operating systems. We will consider softphones that are suitable for Linux, such as:

Each of the applications has its own advantages and is convenient to use.

List of SIP Applications for Linux

Here you can find the proposed options for softphones that are supported by the Linux operating system.


This universal application will help you minimize the cost of training, setup and launch of the application, because it has a convenient Russian interface that allows you to quickly understand the settings and start using it. You can record conversations, redirect numbers, set up auto answer and many other functions.


This free app is perfect for Linux OS. The application has many features, like:

  • instant message;
  • voice message;
  • holds a call;
  • voice mail;
  • two telephone lines;
  • group calls.

And this is not a complete list. Installation will take you a minimum of time, but in use it is an indispensable assistant.


A convenient application that you can quickly install and start international calls. It has the same functions as in previous applications, also has its own interface, the ability to use in Russian. The application can be downloaded freely available for free. This application was originally developed for the Linux system, but soon the application has expanded its capabilities.

Use SIP applications, and you will greatly facilitate and improve communication and business. These universal applications are all free, and the installation does not take much time.