Scaling a business is a long-term goal for any business owner. It's best to plan the growth in stages, however. It is not just about finding a new office location for a growing team. It is also necessary to ensure that your current telecom system allows rebuilt operational processes fast enough to support the growth of the company. VoIP is miles ahead of analog telephony in terms of scalability. It has at least five features, making IP telephony a successful solution for a growing business.

Quick launch of business processes

Before, the only way to enable your new office space with telephone communications when moving or opening a branch was to make a service call. A service person would lay down the phone cables, set up a server, connect phone hardware. It was a lengthy process that slowed down the commencement of operations.

IP telephony is different from that. You do not need cumbersome hardware because you can use computers with a headset. To start the workflow of the new office going, it's enough to connect to an IP telephony provider, pick a new service plan considering the number of future users, and set up applications for calls on the required devices. And everything is ready for work.

Cutting Costs

With business expanding, many new expenditures arise. This is why a business owner is interested in all the ways of saving money. It is cost-effective to use cloud telephony: you do not need to spend money on telephone hardware, its service, maintenance, installation of new lines.

With VoIP telephony, all operational costs are cut down to only a few points:

  • Costs of outgoing calls (spending for incoming call forwarding to SIP is minimized);
  • Topping up the balance for a virtual number and prolonging subscription for the cloud IP PBX service (in case of subscription for 3 or more months, Freezvon provides discounts);
  • Setup of additional services.

Meanwhile, you will get a telephony system with flexible configurations - you can choose several virtual numbers from different regions or countries where you have a branch, determine how many channels do you need depending on the number of calls you expect, configure additional services to engage in productive communication with customers and partners.

Single Corporate Network for Every Office

Since when a company can redistribute employees to several offices or even hire some of the managers remotely from other regions or countries when it scales its business, you have to ensure every employee can work without interruptions and use telephony with equal success. A virtual PBX is connected to manage calls. It allows you to set up a voice greeting, interactive IVR menu, call queues. But also with it, you build an internal communication system.

You can set up extensions that allow you to quickly switch between offices or connect to the needed department. Employees will be able to call colleagues via the corporate line for free. The virtual PBX has a conference call option that is convenient for discussing tasks and planning, and you can invite several managers to the conversation at the same time.

Minimizing Possible Downtime

Any problems in the system when using analog telephony can create business downtime. This entails financial losses because funds are spent on equipment repairs, which affects productivity. With IP telephony, the risks are reduced - the provider can transfer your system to another server in case you need to troubleshoot. The cost of software updates does not apply to users of virtual telephony, which minimizes the possibility of failures.

IP Telephony Is a Long-Term Solution

The obsolescence of the analog PBX leads to vulnerabilities in the voice traffic transmission system, complaints from customers about poor voice quality during a call with a manager. But it's rare that a business owner would want to get another column of expenses for updating the telecommunications system when they have more than one office under their management. If we talk about IP PBX, then such a system is easy to scale, it does not need physical hardware that can become outdated. And the operating costs of expanding the business will pay off in the short term.

To be ready for changes, a business needs flexibility. If there is a need for voicemail, virtual fax numbers, conference calls, and other VoIP services to better manage business communications, they can be connected in less than a day. Start using IP telephony now to make sure everything is ready for the company's future expansion. Freezvon experts will help you choose the right VoIP services and virtual numbers based on your business goals and area of business.