Virtual PBX is an IP telephony tool that helps businesses to manage the process of communication with customers. You get a whole range of services due to the IP PBX and its proper use makes it easy to increase the number of satisfied customers. We will analyze the way companies can improve sales by using all the virtual PBX features as profitable as possible.

How does a virtual PBX work?

IP telephony eliminates the need to have your own telephone exchange in the office because you can get a virtual PBX. It is also called cloud-based since the equipment is located at the Freezvon Company which controls the service via a web interface.

This solution is profitable for the cost of corporate telephony reduction. Moreover, it is also easy to restore the work of the call center in the case of office relocation. You do not need to order the installation of telephone lines because IP telephony transmits voice data over the Internet. People connect a virtual number and set up forwarding of incoming calls to certain devices.

  • Landline or mobile phone.
  • IP phone.
  • SIP application on smartphone, PC, or laptop.

You get access to various call management tools by ordering the virtual PBX service.

  • Call forwarding.
  • Multichannel line.
  • Welcome message.
  • Voice mail.
  • Statistics.
  • Callback and Click to Call widgets.
  • Interactive IVR menu.

These services will simplify the work of the call center and raise the level of service. Let’s analyze the marketing tasks a company can complete due to virtual PBX tools.

Missed calls reducing will lead to more deals

Missed calls are potentially regarded as lost orders. A multi-channel line offered by virtual PBX brings the possibility to receive many calls from customers at a time. Bear in mind that these calls will pass by whereas the load on the operators is unevenly distributed. The Call statistics service will allow you to piece together a picture and find out the time when there are the most missed calls, the number of calls each manager is able to answer, and call duration.

The results may show that some operators receive more calls while others’ work is at a standstill. This can be solved by changing the forwarding scheme. You can hire remote managers for part-time work in case of employee shortage. A virtual PBX is not tied to an office so they will get access to corporate telephony online.

It’s recommended to perform additional training when the duration of the conversation is longer than the regulated standard. Another reason is the conversation script, which is too long. In addition, employees can spend a lot of time answering basic questions and the IVR menu helps to remove this problem.

Virtual PBX allows you to add audio files for the voice IVR menu with answers to most common customer questions. The subscriber will receive the necessary information quickly or choose to be redirected to a specialist.

It is important to set the voice mail up in order not to miss the part of customers who are not ready to wait for the operator. Such a solution helps the subscriber to leave a message during non-working hours or when the call center is heavily loaded. Keep in mind that the client is ready for negotiations so it is worth handling him/her.

The call recording service connection brings the understanding of whether the changes made have brought positive results and the way the employees communicate with customers. IP PBX users are provided with a place on the cloud server to store records. They get 24/7 access to files.

The business will regain control of profits by solving the problem of missed calls. It’s not a secret that you can lose 30-40% of customers when the call center has a large volume of unanswered calls.

Stand out from the competitors with a voice greeting

Profit growth is affected not only by attracting new customers but also by catchy and satisfying service that will make them get in touch with the company again. A welcome message will help to reach the desired effect.

The virtual ACT activates a voice greeting when subscribers contact the call center. You can use a standard impersonal phrase or create a branded greeting that will increase company recognition and set you apart from competitors. It’s easy to add audio recording files via IP PBX.

Increasing call conversions

Many entrepreneurs will be surprised to know that Freezvon Company provides a Callback widget free service that can increase the number of calls from potential buyers. Its installation will lead to the pop-up window appearing while the visitor is browsing the page.

Call conversion will increase for several reasons.

  • The widget draws attention at the moment when the person is most interested. It unobtrusively invites him/her to the dialogue.
  • The user does not waste time searching for the company’s contact number. The calls are free and such a solution creates a comfortable atmosphere.
  • The person can contact customer support for free even from another country.

A Click to call service is another feature for quick communication with the call center (in addition to the Callback widget). It immediately activates a call from the site. The user can use this button via a smartphone and PC.

The task of the widget is to create the feeling that the company will quickly come to the client’s rescue. This builds trust. Click to Call is also chosen for demand analysis. You can create on-premises extensions and set them up for the widget on pages of different service categories. This will help you to find out the services in higher demand.

How to order a virtual PBX?

A cloud PBX brings a whole range of services to improve communication with customers and achieve improved profits. Virtual PBXs on various tariffs differ in the number of available lines, the number of external channels, and access to the IVR menu. The cost of the service is starting from $30 per month. Make a request from your account to connect IP PBX. The support service is ready to answer all questions 24-h/7-day.