Abilities of virtual telephony is limitless and high-potential for business development. Advertisement is one of the most popular and wide-spread spheres today. Most of people work in this field and are satisfied with their occupation.

There are different types of advertisement and the principles of its work. It is one of sphere which uses VoIP telephony for its better functioning. Using VoIP for call tracking and advertisement is helpful, simple and shows professionalism.

Advertising business needs plenty of communication and looks for most appropriate ones. It seems that VoIP telephony is the best variant for such purpose. For being more successful in making image of your facility or service, Freezvon suggests for purchase of toll-free virtual number that could attract clientele in short period of time thanks to absence of paying for calls. Subscribers dialling to you don't need to lose their money for outgoing calls. About pricing and coverage learn more here.

What is Call tracking technology?

That's a service of monitoring calls from advertisement resources. You can associate quantity of calls with efficacy of advertisement channel. It's also possible to get all additional details about calls. This service can be used for estimation of advertising channels, control of call-centers work (analyse of sound recording, control of missed calls), optimizing of marketing budget etc. Using it you can fix such data as calls length, result of conversation, who called, recording, quantity of calls etc.

Service of call tracking for advertisement

Using call tracking service

How call tracking service works?

For using this service you need to obtain virtual DID number. All calls received to this number are displayed in call journal that allows monitoring quantity of missed calls, its length and other parameters. But for tracking of advertisement channels efficacy you need as many numbers as many channels you will track. Each number attached to one channel. Visitor can see only one number and dial it. In such way you can associate number with advertising resource.

Targets of advertising business

The industry of advertisement business finds new means of goods or services sharing and distribution from year to year. It is necessary as consumer demands is changing and it influences advertising messages as well. Old ads influence no more potential clients and buyers and companies start working at a loss. Advertisement objective – Increase of goods demand and services – stays to be unreached.

If the goal of running business is clear, there are the principles according to which effective advertisement can be built. They can change from year to year, but main principles work error-free in any period of time:

  • It is to deal not with logic but with people emotions. But you should forget about logical motivation – why a person needs to buy this or that goods or use a certain service.
  • Advertising business does not stand patterns. Popular and high-demand advertisement is a product, which can captivate with its originality and freshness of idea.
  • It should bear a certain slogan, which mass audience will remember for a long time and will associate it with your product;
  • That always spreads innovations, just by means of advertisement message creation. People like everything new and modern. Modern advertisement will captivate their attention quickly;
  • You do not need to overwhelmingly praise the product. Sometimes it looks unnatural. It is better to show in ads how common person can use this or that product in his life;
  • Trump card in advertising business is novelties. Ads message should be extravagant. It is important to mention all positive sides of facility quality. Attention of potential consumers will be captivated by the fact that this entails something new, and effect of product imagination will enhance emotional impact.
All those principles are characterizing powerful advertising campaign. It is important to say that using VoIP for calls tracking and advertisement can essentially improve situation and bring more profit for different companies which want to advertise their new goods or services.

Benefits of VoIP telephony for advertisement and call tracking

No advertising company can normally function and work without good communication with consumers. VoIP technologies are helping hands for advertisement business because they can help to spread information about the product or goods not only within one country but also abroad. So benefits of VoIP telephony for advertisement are:

  • Opportunity to advertise products via mobile phones;
  • Ability to inform people about goods by SMS;
  • There is a chance to make bulk sending of messages and inform more people at one time;
  • You can record special voice messages with company advertisement for clients to hear it;
  • There is a possibility to advertise a product in different countries;
  • Low rates foe different services from Freezvon;
  • High quality connection;
  • Assurance that your message will be certainly received by target audience;
  • Opportunity to organize the whole virtual IP PBX office;
  • Widening of clients’ base;
  • Effective information distribution;
  • Worldwide coverage.

It is not the full list of possible advantages that you will get using VoIP for call tracking and advertisement. Communication with target audience should be conducted on a high level. Please, pay attention to virtual phone number and other phone services.

Costs and rates for VoIP telephony services

Virtual IP PBX for excellent call tracking

In advertisement it is very important to control all calls and virtual IP PBX will help with this question. Using virtual IP PBX for this purpose you will notice certainly all advantages of it. It is a great alternative to traditional offices which need much more.

IP PBX office possesses a very comfortable and simple interface in use. So, working with it you will be more than just delighted. It is very convenient to track and process all incoming calls with the help of this virtual office. Virtual IP PBX works on principle of IP-protocol. That means that companies do not need to purchase any additional equipment – no necessity in telephone lines installation. It is very profitable because of being virtual. Virtual PBX is not connected with physical location of company that is why it is resilient and easily transported in case of moving to another office or even city.

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