Use Zoiper program for calls on your iPhone device

In order to get or make calls you should think about the application. If you use SIP account, it’s better to install convenient SIP-client, which is more comfortable to you. We propose for iPhone users to set Zoiper, which is one of the simplest program to install and use. For having Zoiper, you just need a device, VoIP provider and of course Internet connection. If you have all these things, you can pass to the installation process.

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Linphone application for Linux system on your PC

Another one great voice program for receiving and making calls is available for your Linux OS. That is a program client of IP-telephony permitting to make voice and video calls, plus exchanging messages online. Now you can install this app to your PC with Linux based system and always stay in touch with associates, business partners or family and friends. It has additional features like contact books, additional plugins, and possibility to work with any graphical interface.

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Set Xlite calling program to your Mac operating system

The need for advertising and development to move scientific and technological progress at a pace comparable only with games. It's no wonder, that for intercession in the Internet, voice communication also goes away, because IP-telephony, other things being equal, is cheaper and more convenient. We are going to speak about the settings of app, so-called Xlite for Mac OS. As you know, it supports receiving and making calls online, now you can do it via your Mac system.

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Install Zoiper voice application for Linux based system

Those who use Linux on their PC are able to set Zoiper for making and receiving calls online thanks to SIP-telephony. You may forget about using smartphones or any other small devices. When you need to talk to customers or associates, you could use this application. Making cheap outgoing calls at low rates are available as well. We are going to tell you more concerning the configuration of Zoiper to your Linux OS, so please be attentive to any info here.

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Use Linphone application for international VoIP calls online

A new version of the free softphone Linphone is presented, which is a cross-platform software client of IP-telephony in the SIP standard with open source. SIP client Linphone has a multilingual graphical interface based on GTK +, and supports the most common operating platforms: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, OS X, Linux. Communication between subscribers can be established using any SIP-operator or using the free SIP-service provided by the project.

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How to install and configure Twinkle softphone for Linux system

Twinkle is free open-source application for voice telecommunication. This program was created especially for Linux system and using Qt interface for its graphical interface. Moreover, it can be used as IP phone to IP phone telecommunication. Media streams are going via RTP. This application also supports messages exchanging and contact lists between users. You may check lots of other useful features available thanks to this program.

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PortSip (PortGO) service for making cheap VoIP calls online

Freezvon recommends installing such softphone as PortSip (PortGO) for making cheap calls. PortSip (PortGO) softphone is a softphone application designated for the business' most dependable and highlight rich correspondence applications various operating systems. In view of SIP and Open Standards, PortSip (PortGO) softphone and versatile application customers turn into an augmentation to your organization's PBX and highlight a huge number of correspondence alternatives, unrivaled security and encryption and sound codecs.

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Get VKontakte virtual phone numbers for SMS verification

Nowadays, social networks filled our lives, especially, in Russia known as Vkontakte. In this case we recommend VK virtual numbers for SMS verification (Russian and Ukraine virtual numbers are available) with free SMS forwarding to email, another mobile or URL. If you need to register to this site, just enter your virtual number in a field proposed and in several seconds you will get the code for authorization and write it down the gap and you will be able to use your new account.

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Call forwarding feature to PBX via virtual phone number

Using IP telephony for office you can take all its opportunities and set call forwarding to PBX with the help of virtual numbers you got connected. It is well-known that VoIP numbers with call forwarding function are unique for remoted work and allow to answer the calls anytime you can. First of all, it is available to connect virtual numbers, internal numbers, or free DID to your PBX station and provide the telecommunications more efficient and successful.

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How to connect Bitrix24 with virtual telephone number for cheap calls?

The Bitrix24 system has a concept of CRM that means different business management tools are combined into one well-functioning system. Instead of Excel spreadsheets, instant messengers, lots of documents or files and running around the accounts, there is only one service. It includes programs for collecting customer data, managing transactions, controlling managers, analytics and forecasting. It simplifies routine, accelerates the making of correct decisions and eliminates errors. In this article, we are going to tell you how to connect a virtual number to Bitrix24 system and get more calls from customers.

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