Online virtual phone fax numbers with receiving fax-messages

Using DID fax numbers with faxes forwarding to e-mail as the major helper in business

Fax numbers forwarding to e-mail

Ringing telephones, turmoil, lines of workers by the fax machine are growing each minute. It is a typical office situation on a workday in every corporation. How can you reduce fax workload and simplify your workers’ activity? The answer is simple - just order a virtual fax-to-email service in our website Freezvon right now. This service will reduce telephone lines’ workload. It means that the amount of missed calls will be reduced  because of the busy lines. The labor productivity of your workers will grow and you will not lose any minute of your office work time. And if you think that such number works with some equipment – machines, paper – so, you are mistaken.

All these are unnecessary, and it is the main benefit of such number that it reduces your charges on buying unnecessary things. Buying of DID phone number for fax is easy and cheap, so, calls and fax will come separately, not depending on each other, to avoid missing of some important fax or call. Productivity will rise in number of times at once. Get such feature and make it sure by yourself. Find out about its workability only by reading this article.

Fax-to-email service - how it works?

A virtual fax will make you to get an unlimited amount of faxes, meanwhile there is only one virtual number involved in this process. It is usually considered to be multichannel. It means it will never be busy. That is why you can receive many faxes at the same time simultaneously. All the faxes will be diverted to the given e-mail where they are kept in the PDF-document format. You can get access to it anytime and get them from any device connected to web. For instance, it can be any PC, tablet or mobile phone. While all the messages are kept in your e-mail box, you can easily find the necessary message, look it through or print it out again if you need. Reduce your costs on the fax photocopying and ensure the safety of all received fax messages.

Working ways of fax getting option

Thanks to virtual number your partners and customers could send you fax texts anytime they want without caring about your schedule or time zone. By the way, you will not have to buy facsimile paper and toner for your fax machine, spend money on its service and repair. Such number will be assigned to its owner even in case he moves away, changes his office or he is just not bound to office location.

number for fax

The time has come to buy a fax number if your company workers stay in line to get or send a fax, your telephone lines are always busy, your customers are tired of waiting in a line, the expenditure on the fax appliance consumables is unbelievably huge. Consequently, you will reduce the influence of all these negative factors. Just order the online service and do not spend all your efforts, nerves and time on finding a solution of minor problems. Let the professionals solve all these problems for you.

How to buy Fax number?

Ordering virtual number for inbound faxes with fax forwarding to e-mail is very easy and can be doing online in 4 steps:

  1. Register online on our website
  2. Connect to you user panel
  3. Recharge credit with the needed sum (you can see here the coverage and price list of our available foreign countries and cites for fax number)
  4. Order number

After this procedure you will be a successful subscriber of Freezvon. We have also some other facility as numbers for calls and fax, which simplify telecommunication affair twice.

*When there is something unclear, you could always contact our technical department specialists via Skypel, livechat, email or by phone.