Activities of big companies are connected with plenty of international calls. Connection of multiple virtual number, monthly balance recharging provoke large expenses on communication services.

Freezvon Company presents free virtual numbers for USA to corporate customers in order to satisfy their needs and reduce expenses. Use this special offer will permit providing office with necessary services without big expenses. Fee for usage of services will be fixate, which gives limited quantity of calls.

Freezvon gives a big opportunity for ameliorating telephony system. Except free virtual numbers, we recommend to get virtual IP PBX system as a package of telephone services as call monitoring, voicemenu, greeting message and others. See more details presented here.

Free numbers: description, work

We present special offer with coverage of several countries (Russia, Japan, USA etc.). Anyway, most requested are American free virtual numbers. After recharging a balance on $ 30, your monthly fee will be free.

Only one condition of service usage is standard fee is $30. This sum of money will not be withdrawn. You can use this money for buying other services you are interested in, payment for outgoing calls etc. Rest of sum will be on your balance.

Use of US virtual number

US virtual number

Why you need to connect free virtual number?

There are several arguments about using free virtual number for USA. Among main reasons there are:

  • Absence of payment for service activation;
  • Fixate monthly expenses;
  • Saving of appropriate sum on balance.
Using a special offer, you will obtain a possibility to connect this service without putting a necessary sum. Monthly fee will be fixate and your colleagues will make unlimited amount of international calls.

What spheres really need free virtual number?

Connect free number for USA are useful for most companies with developed structure. Especially, this service is actual for such fields as:

  • Trading;
  • Medicine;
  • Marketing;
  • Consulting;
  • Audit;
  • Commercial manufacture;
  • Insurance.

If your business activity is connected with import/export, purchasing of this service will be reasonable solution.

For full consultation, you can address to our technical department that work 24 hours per day without breaks and weekends. Let’s cooperate from this moment and improve telecommunication together!