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Connect effective telephone features of virtual telephony for upgrading coupling efficiency.

Sevices for virtual numbersThe world of modern telephone technologies offers numerous unbelievable possibilities, such as additional phone features, for building a company image. Communication via telephone has become easy and comfortable. Organize serious business development and improve situation with our help. From this article you are going to learn more concerning special virtual features of IP-telephony from Freezvon corporation. 

Services of virtual telephony make the process of getting and making calls more effectively. When you connect them you can increase the level of client servicing, permitting to record calls, creating interactive menu, playing background music and giving many other opportunities.

IP telephony services to virtual telephone numbers

To widen the opportunities of virtual telephone number, to lift the quality of connection and loyalty of customers with the aid of diverse Internet telephony.

Virtual numbers

Virtual numbers

Become an owner of DID number and try all the advantages of it. Be available without sim cards and equipment and communicate without limits. Let virtual number with calls, sms and fax forwarding become irreplaceable part of your private and business life.

Types of virtual telephone numbers for:

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Virtual IP PBX

Virtual PBX

Wide range of PBX possibilities make telephony to be stable and organized in the way you like. Set phone services you need, control your calls, organize your virtual office and call centers and forget about huge charges – PBX helps to make all these real. It’s possible to get unlimited quantity of virtual numbers for PBX.

Online access via web-interface. Free calls within network. Excellent service for companies, which don’t want to miss calls from customers. This services includes own IP-address, unlimited SIP-accounts, free virtual number, supplementary lines to virtual VoIP numbers etc.

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Additional services of IP telephony for numbers

Expanding virtual numbers opportunities, you can enlarge the quality of connection and client loyalty with the hope of diverse services of Internet telephony.

call forwarding for calls

Call forwarding

This feature makes it possible to redirect calls to any device you need (cell or fixed phone, IP phone, email, Skype, SIP or URL).




Virtual number service, which helps to go to special certain department entering VoIP additional numbers.


conditional call forwarding

Conditional call forwarding

It is an option, which helps to forward calls considering certain point (time, date, device, etc.). That’s only you making a choice.


call recording for your business

Call recording

It is a chance to make records of desired calls – either inbound or outcoming. In such way you could control your talking affairs.


Click to call

Click to call

Pressing special button the call from site starts, so it doesn’t need any forces and knowledge to contact your company.


call history

Call history

Possibility to check whole list of calls made or received by you during certain period of time. An amazing method for business opportunities expanding..




Allow your subscribers contact you from any point of the world for free (for both sides). Calling in return makes your subscriber more confident in you.


greeting message

Greeting message

Greet customers with a welcome message to create the first impression. Make your own greeting with short information about company and facilities you provide.




Leave messages in case phone is not answered or even turned off. These messages will help you not to lose potential client or important business partner.


hold music for phone numbers

Hold music

Replace all boring tones to pleasant music. Forget about listening to monotonous sounds and cold beeps.


blacklist and whitelist


Virtual number service, which distinguishes between desired and non-desired calls creating black and white lists


conference call

Conference call

Communicate with several people simultaneously, make meeting via telephone became achievable thanks to this option.


send and bulk sms

Send/Bulk SMS

Use a chance to send sms from your cabinet. Try bulk sms sending and send one text to several people.


cheap SIP and VoIP calls

Cheap SIP/VoIP calls

Save your money using SIP/VoIP telephony. Receive and make international calls on cheap rates and high quality.

Concerning costs for these services just click here and learn more about installation. Freezvon is ready to consult you in payment questions. 
IP technology is helpful today in making calls wherever you want. Due to SIP service you can simply make calls to any country. For this you need to have SIP account from our company, put money on balance, set SIP application or server and only then make local or international calls to abroad.

How to buy virtual number with additional service?

Do not forget that presence of virtual phone number is obligatory for making calls. IP telephony is cheap and helps to connect with a person no matter where he is. Moreover, you can order additional virtual number service to make communication better. Remember that we offer connection of exceptionally high quality. Get a number using these recommendations:

1. Register to our website;

2. Fill the balance with needed sum;

3. Select appropriate parameters;

4. Purchase virtual number;

5. Write us a request about buying any additional feature.

*These additional telephone services will be a helping hand for you in business conduction. To order them you can contact our support team and they will do everything possible. They work round the clock and will solve all your problems.

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