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Order free DID virtual number for inbound calls online

Having such phone number it’s capable to keep contact with people from any state. Attract attention to new special offer from Freezvon known as free virtual number for calls! Everybody has a chance to obtain such service for calls in any of accessible countries for free. Such sale let economize users’ money and to assure efficiency of money usage on telephony. The clients of Freezvon may forget about extra charges necessary for making calls operations. Buying free virtual number, user can stop limiting himself in communication. Charging the balance on necessary sum each month, the user of free DID number can use this money for any communication needs.

Interested in fast and qualified business improvement? Try the system that could change comprehension of VoIP technologies. It’s called IP PBX station that presents kind of services packet that comprises, call statistics, voice menu, SIP accounts, free calling with internal numbers, IP address etc.

Free virtual numbers: conditions of getting

So, what are conditions for receiving number? To have opportunity to get number, the client of Freezvon should:

  1. Recharge his/her balance on $30 or more;
  2. Find out wished available number from list. Main peculiarity of it is that sum of money is not withdrawn from your account. For connection usual numbers there are setup and monthly fees, but not for this number.

Get free DID virtual number
Free DID number from Freezvon

Money, that you top up for number, remains on your account and it’s possible to use them. With virtual number, use money on your balance for making/receiving calls, for buying new numbers, for connection additional services etc. If you want to make calls, just order another feature known as SIP-account. Our team helps you to install all necessary settings (apps, parameters etc.) and you can call cheaper to foreign directions.

The amount of countries that take part in special offer is restricted. We offer free virtual numbers in:

virtual Australia numbers for calls Australiavirtual Austria numbers for calls Austriavirtual Belgium numbers for calls Belgiumvirtual Bulgaria numbers for calls Bulgariavirtual Canada numbers for calls Canada
virtual Czech Republic numbers for calls Czech Republicvirtual Denmark numbers for calls Denmarkvirtual Estonia numbers for calls Estoniavirtual Finland numbers for calls Finlandvirtual Greece numbers for calls Greece
virtual Hungary numbers for calls Hungaryvirtual Ireland numbers for calls Irelandvirtual Italy numbers for calls Italyvirtual Japan numbers for calls Japanvirtual Russia numbers for calls Russia
virtual Sweden numbers for calls Swedenvirtual United Kingdom numbers for calls United Kingdomvirtual USA numbers for calls USA

Each country has a possibility to choose the city. See all cities and countries here. This list of numbers may be updated every day, so, for more detailed information about them, you can apply in our 24/7 support that is always glad to help you.

Get free DID number with special goods

Special offer will be always great investment in your telephony. Not only big companies, but also individual person may find benefits from usage free numbers. Let’s conclude what advantages of free numbers are.

You can use money on your balance for:

  • Receiving calls (when forwarding of calls to phone);
  • Making outgoing calls;
  • Buying new numbers;
  • Connecting VoIP additional services, such as voicemail, conference call , IVR , greeting message ;
  • Connection of additional lines.

Using these funds on account, you can save your money and don’t need to pay extra charges. Get free number now and communicate with high quality, cheap and with any part of the Earth.

If you need to make your digits displaying to subscribers, order a unique option known as Caller ID. Digits combination will be displayed to your subscribers and they will be able to call you back if there is such necessity. Make your calls successful with such service.

How to receive this number?

Before ordering the number, firstly, find out the country in the list of sale countries. You may see all countries and their cities here. Then you need to:

  • Pass registration on our site;
  • Make balance topped up with 30$ or more;
  • Pick appropriate country;
  • Order the number from your account in the chapter “Buy free virtual number”.

When the number is connected, you will receive e-mail with information about it. Connection procedure will take no more than 24 hours. Use unique possibility of economizing!

Obtain free virtual phone number

In order to obtain such kind of number you had better to ask about it our technical support team. They are always waiting for you online in Skype, live chat, email or by phone. You can ask about conditions of usage of free DID numbers or any other interesting moments in VoIP telephony. Just be sure you will receive full answer. Please contact us right now!

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