Virtual phone numbers for wide opportunities with forwarding feature 

Freezvon offers virtual telephone numbers ordering process available in more than 90 states.

Local numberModern telephone technologies give every person a chance to organize, enlarge and make his own business more profitable, travel, are useful for private goals, and make you do not worry about roaming, permanent SIM-cards changing, new direct telephone lines connection after a move. Virtual number services is a key to solve all these problems. In this article we are going to inform users concerning IP-telephony facilities that make telecommunication process more effective and productive.

Due to a virtual number that is not bound to exact physical place of its owner, everybody can just forget about this headache. Simply order a DID number and accept calls everywhere you are. Calls are readdressed to phone, Skype or any SIP-application. High quality of connection, low prices and unlimited possibilities make phone communication comfortable and easy. provides you with a great assortment of virtual services for all needs.

What is virtual telephone number?

It is called DID (Direct Inward Dialing) or VoIP (voice over IP). That is the type of number that redirect calls, sms and fax to the necessary course people pick. Moreover, using it people do not have to purchase additional phone technical appliances such as sim-cards or wires. It can be cell and fixed not attached physically. Set up SIP application and readdress your calls to personal SIP account.

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What are the principal functions of virtual number?

It’s necessary to know the rules of numbers work:

  • Calls – such numbers work thanks to readdressing of calls to appropriate destination we have;
  • SMS – these kind of numbers redirect sms to e-mail or another alternate number;
  • Fax – your fax messages are readdressed in PDF to your personal e-mail;
  • Toll free 800 numbers – free calls for people who are calling to you, but that’s you who pay for them;
  • Multichannel numbers – many lines ready for lots of calls.
  • Calls and SMS - united number for separate services;
  • Fax and Calls - helps to operate both services in convenient way.

Benefits and odds of virtual numbers presented by Freezvon

Utilization doesn’t differ much from usual ones. But VoIP sphere usage may be wider and the amount of their benefits is more.  Analogue telephony does not have such advantages as Freezvon numbers have and that’s make it irreplaceable tool for private and commercial usage. Among them are: 

  • Possibility to obtain landline, mobile or even Toll free number without expensive and useless equipment, and SIM-cards too; 
  • Stability and high quality of phone connection; 
  • Availability to be in touch everywhere thanks to flexible possibilities of forwarding; 
  • Economy on charges: you and your subscribers may talk cheap (or even free of charges) thanks to cheap rates; 
  • Creation an illusion of local presence in wished country and thus organization of business and attraction of new target clients; 
  • Organization of business in the way you like with the additional telephone services for the most comfortable usage.

These benefits simplify your communication and do it without difficulties. In addition, wide choice of numbers helps to find you the one for your demands and objectives. 

What types of offered virtual numbers?

You may pick one VoIP number in necessary country. Such types of VoIP numbers are presented:

Numbers for calls

Numbers for receiving and making calls

Order a virtual number and receive calls from anyone due to option of call forwarding . Apply for mobile or local number and forget about noise during conversations. The redirection is possible to Skype, SIP or alternate number. You may install your personal SIP account and readdress all calls to it.

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SMS numbers

SMS Numbers

Obtain or send SMS no matter where you are. This service is available from your from your profile on our official website. SMS forwarding is possible to mobile, email, website. You can just use send and bulk messaging feature via control panel online with extremely low costs to make your consumers more informed.

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Toll free numbers

Toll Free 800 Numbers

Make it possible for your clients to call free thanks to virtual toll free number. It has automatically multiple lines. Make good impression on your clients with virtual IP services. They could dial to you without paying for calling, but you as an owner is responsible for making payment.

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Fax virtual numbers

Virtual Fax Numbers

With virtual number for fax texts, get them free to email – save your time forwarding all fax messages to email in PDF format. Forget about heavy machines or any other technical equipment. You can use only one number for getting fax.

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Number for calls and SMS

Numbers for calls and sms

Freezvon company gives you a chance to have a virtual phone number both for calls and sms messages. People can make outgoing calls and send texts with low tariffs. Number for SMS and calls is convenient and time-consuming.

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Number for calls and fax

Numbers for calls and fax

Order one phone number, which receives inbound fax and calls and avoid overloading. Phone will not be engaged as calls and faxes have different forwarding. Calls are directed to SIP, Skype, IP telephone , other number. Fax is on email.

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Multichannel numbers for calls

Multichannel numbers

We allow you to get a multilined number. This virtual number gives you a chance to receive several calls simultaneously, that means the number has many lines. Forget about engaged lines. It’s easiest distribution of calls between operators.

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Free virtual numbers

Free virtual numbers

That is an offer specially for our clients. You recharge the balance with 30$ per month. This money you can use for making calls, purchasing other numbers and connection of other services. This service is achievable in PBX package as well.

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After buying of this number you may install SIP application (offered programs are Zoiper and X-Lite ). Then you create your SIP account on How to set it up you may see HERE. When you are making calls, you need to have such thing as Caller ID for being shown to your subscriber. Our service makes it possible, so you can receive the back calls too and don’t care about missed ones.

What are the prices for virtual telephone numbers?

The price depends on its region and the type. proposes numbers in countries all over the world. As a rule sms may be redirected to email, phone number or URL. E-mail and URL forwarding is free. Fax messages are redirected to e-mail and their receiving is free.

The readdressing of calls to SIP and Skype is free, to phone must be paid that depends on number of forwarding. The exception is Toll free number: all incoming calls are chargeable with this number, as for you callers call is free but all incoming calls are paid by its owner. To see the rates of forwarding to phone you may below.

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How to buy virtual telephone number?

You could be surprised by our ordering process.

To order one of virtual numbers you must follow these items:

  1. Make a simple registration;
  2. Recharge your balance;
  3. Choose country, city or mobile operator ant type of number;
  4. Choose type of forwarding and enter forwarding details;
  5. Order a number!

Except numbers service there is a possibility to install virtual PBX system as additional feature. That is the most favorable choice for business development and expanding of your abilities as successful person. This is a kind of telephonic package of services reforming the work of your office thanks to unlimited SIP-accounts, IP-address, free internal numbers, greeting message , recording of calls and others.  

The number is connected very soon. Later after number connection, you may change the forwarding details if you need it or connect to our technical support. We work 24/7 and are ready to help you whenever you need via phone, Skype, e-mail, chat. Freezvon is always ready to give some help to our consumers in any unclear question.

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